787 Coffee

66 Pearl St, New York, NY 10004


Puerto Rican coffee & bites in hip cafe. Trendy establishment serving Puerto Rican pastries & drinks, plus rum-infused coffees.


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Benjamin Hepplestone -

Delicious Coffee - Super Staff - Great Atmosphere! Warm friendly welcome, coeliac friendly with gluten free cakes available and the best coffee I’ve had so far in Manhattan. Also within the coffeehouse fresh Tacos are served by a vendor; again delicious with lots of gluten free options.

andrew -

Coffee AND Tacos!?! It can’t get any better than this. I didn’t get a chance to try the tacos since it was so early in the morning, but I’m sure they’re delicious. I just love the hipster feel of the entire place. After grabbing my cold brew, I sat around for a bit just to check out the art work. I love the signs that they have all over the place. This place screams out, “welcome, you belong, inclusive, progress, art, no fu**s given”. Love it! Also, my cold brew was fantastic!

Avinash Bhogun -

Date of visit: November 2022 We stayed in the financial district and found this cute spot local to us. The interior is very spacious and tastefully decorated. We ordered our two coffees for inside and all staff who served us, were very welcoming and helpful! We managed to beat a big queue and sat down to consume. One of my favourite coffee shop and would definitely go back. A must visit.

Arthur Mor -

What an amazing place! I was looking for a relaxed place to chill and work from. This place has it all - extremely welcoming and nice staff, great coffee and pastries, very comfortable seating, and they even offer wifi (which apparently is not very common in NY cafes) and a discount for local residents. Highly recommended and I wish I would have found them earlier.

Daniela de Lezaeta -

This is a ?. Loved the service, the people there are very nice, the atmosphere is great and the coffee just perfect. I had coffee there all the days I stayed in the Financial District. It also seemed as a nice place to hang out and work if you need too

Sara Swinehart -

Staff is incredibly kind, the atmosphere is so relaxing and cute, not to mention the coffee is absolutely amazing! Tacos, pastries, bagged coffee, muffins, iced and hot drinks… totally wonderful. Definitely a spot to stop. I love this place.

Sandy B. -

In love with this gem! Every single thing about this place is 10/10. The furniture/decor/vibe is immaculate. Staff members are polite, friendly and helpful. Drip coffee had a deep, strong taste that I like. The coquito was handcrafted with espresso and had a nice, milky cinnamon flavor.

Monte Al-Muhandis' -

Beautiful café, great tasting coffee, vibes, plenty of space, wifi access, and wonderful staff that great you with a smile. Recommended for sure, prices are fair for the area. Enjoy some shots of the cafe below.

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