Aloha Cafe

410 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States


Homestyle Hawaiian eats in basic setting. From Spam & eggs to slow-cooked BBQ pork, a range of Hawaiian specialties in a no-frills setting.


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Ingrid Liggayu -

Finding Aloha Cafe was a godsend for our wedding. Myy husband and I had dreamed of having Hawaiian mix plate food for our wedding. After some time searching we finally found Aloha Cafe and scheduled a tasting with Jennifer. The variety of dishes she offered were all delicious and exactly what we were looking for. Although AC couldn't offer full service catering, we hired them for our wedding appetizers (spam musubi!) and buffet food. The menu included green salad, mac salad, white rice, kalbi ribs, teriyaki salmon, and teriyaki chicken. I can't express enough how helpful and involved Jennifer was throughout the process. She was very generous and proactive in helping us source things like banana leaves, bamboo plates, utensils, bulk dry foods, etc. The banana leaves were a huge part of our wedding design (we laid them on the guest tables with the appetizers on top in an ode to Filipino style "kamayan.") Jennifer was mindful of our guests with dietary restrictions and created vegan mix plates and musubis for them. One of our guests couldn't have pork so she made a special chicken musubi just for her! She also took the time to ensure that everything was dropped off, set up, and served properly. Our guests enjoyed their meals, which was a different experience from regular wedding food. My only regret is not having eaten more! Aside from catering, the restaurant itself is top notch. Delicious food and amazing service. LA is lucky to have a gem that is Aloha Cafe!

Steve Nakaki -

For delicious Hawaiian food, this is the place to go to in LA. Everything is good, especially the Kalbi beef and chicken. The charsiu is sweet and yummy ?. Highly recommended if you are in the mood for some delicious Hawaiian food!!

Angela Peng -

We got a loco Moco and their special BBQ ribs, both were really good and the portion are HUGE. It was enough for us to eat the leftovers for dinner too lol. We also ordered a side of spam musubi, the sauce on the spam was sweet and savory, tastes very good with the rice. Would definitely recommend!

joshua aoki -

Can we just talk about this Beyond Loco Moco Curry plate. O M G this was so good!! VEGANS!!! You have to check her out if you know what a Loco Moco is and you crave her. It's not always available so call before you go to make sure it's on the menu for that day. A regular Loco Moco is a hamburger patty, over easy egg, rice and brown gravy all over. Aloha Cafe uses a Beyond Burger, just eggs (vegan), veggie curry (the gravy is beef based) on top of some rice. I will definitely come back. I got it to-go and the brief encounter i had with their staff was very professional and friendly.

Joel G -

The Aloha Cafe is definitely worth a stop. We went at lunchtime on a Thursday, and were able to sit down immediately. The servers were fast in getting our orders, and on getting our drinks. I appreciated the attentiveness of the servers in making sure we were taken care of (read: drinks were full). The food was fantastic, and well worth the short wait.

One More Bite Blog -

Great Komai big breakfast including eggs, Portuguese sausage, spam and rice (so great with gravy added on the side), loco moco, chicken long rice (off menu)

mrbadguysan -

If you insist on a breakfast that chews butt and kicks bubblegum, this is the spot for you! About 11 bucks gets you two eggs any way you want, rice, Portuguese sausage, Vienna sausage, spam, and corn beef hash! It's enough food to fuel a UFC riot!

Rolando Francia -

Good amount of food for a really good price. There can be a bit of a wait time some times, but I'd say its worth the wait.

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410 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States
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