108 W 2nd St #104, Los Angeles, CA 90012


Cool, bi-level spot for Indian pub grub. Indian gastropub serves street eats, burgers & beers amid high ceilings & marble-topped counters.


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Bruna Imai -

The food was good, but I was expecting more. Average service and it's more expensive than other Indian places. I've tried the coconut curry mussels. The mussels were fresh and great ingredients and spices choices, but I missed more intensity in flavor. If the flavor were a voice, I'd say it's tone was right but I wanted to hear it more loudly, because it was too low. I felt as they adapted too much to fit fine gourmet standards that missed the vibrant intense flavors of Indian cuisine. Again, it wasn't bad, but could have been amazing if they were bold in flavors. The service was average. I entered the restaurant while it wasn't crowded and took a while to be seated because the girl was chatting. And even when there were a lot of empty tables, they seated other guests very close to my table - they aren't mindful about social distancing even when it's possible. I spent almost $40 for the coconut curry mussels and rice (no drink, taxes+tip) and I wasn't full - I'm a small person.

S. L -

Modernized Indian place with a good vibe but bad food. Been wanting to try here for a long time, came with my family and left disappointed and still hungry. The food portion is tiny and expensive. The flavors were somewhat there but tasted not authentic. Some where fusion so I understand that they had their own take to it but it wasn’t worth mentioning home about. The biggest letdown was how salty the dishes were. It was so salty, we had to order more naan to finish our dishes. Service was nice but because half of the seating is on the 2nd floor, it’s hard to get serviced unless they’re coming to give you your dish, take your order or give you your check. The music was loud and lighting was dark. I understand is the vibe of the place but it was hard to engage in a conversation with our group. For size reference, the bowls of the curry and dues are the size of a persons hand. If you want quality, Indian food that isn’t over salted, I would recommend another location.

Marie W. Sewell -

I've had Badmaash bookmarked on yelp for a while now because it is on the Michelin guide so I was excited to finally try it! We had a reservation for our party of 6 and were seated immediately. I forgot our server's name, but he deserves a shoutout because he went above and beyond for our group and made it felt like he was taking care of us. After asking if we had any dietary restrictions, he gave us recommendations for what to order based off of what we said we like and he basically went through the entire menu for us. He also checked up on us often during our meal to make sure that everything was going good. Overall, I'd say service here is excellent. We ended up ordering the butter chicken samosas, badmaash fried chicken, chicken tikka poutine, chicken tikka masala, butter paneer, 4 orders of naan, and 3 orders of rice. This was the perfect amount of food for 6 people because we finished all our food and were full. Everything we ordered other than the chicken tikka poutine and the badmaash fried chicken were on the more traditional end, while the chicken tikka poutine and the badmaash fried chicken were more fusion dishes. I'd say the fusion food was good but I wasn't blown away by them. The traditional food was also good, however, I wouldn't say that it's standout Indian food as I've had similar food elsewhere at a lower price point. This was a bit disappointing because I expected more from it because it was on the Michelin guide. The restaurant has 2 floors but is overall pretty small, so I definitely recommend getting a reservation if you have a bigger party. The vibe here is pretty nice; it is dimly lit with candles at each table. They were also projecting Bollywood movies on the wall on the first floor which I thought was pretty cool! It's located in the heart of downtown LA, so parking can be tricky, but we ended up parking at the Pershing square garage and walking over.

Mimie J -

I live in the area to be honest with you Mr. masala, a restaurant A few blocks away has better food with more authentic flavors. I was expecting the food to be more flavorful, I was expecting better service. It’s been seven years since I’ve been to this place. the menu has changed, which is it to be expected, but the service has gone down. I was neglected most of the time as a flank up down a server to order my appetizer and had to continue to try to flag servers down to order my food and drinks. The samosas were the best part of my meal. Now I see why I haven’t been back and seven years lol

Melissa Chataigne -

One of the best Indian dinners I’ve had in a long time. Excellent food and service. Great wine list. Often I have a hard time finding things that are vegan and vegetarian but it was a perfect experience especially for dine LA! Definitely will be back!

Paul You -

Here I am, a Korean guy from Fremont, who’s had his fair share of great Indian food. Living in LA, I’ve begun to crave Indian food, and the scene just ain’t the same here. This is my first foray in years and I have to say, the food didn’t disappoint. The butter chicken and naan were on point, wish I could just have that on endless supply. The beef short rib (beef?! ?) was a little salty. The major knock for me was that you have to pay extra for naan and rice! Not used to that, but I guess that’s what you gotta do to pay big city rent.

CAkmal -

Great restaurant! I had read great reviews and happened to be in the neighborhood and got the opportunity to go. I am definitely coming back soon! The samosas are killer. They have a traditional and a butter chicken one. I personally preferred the butter chicken one as it complimented the sauces better. As a table we got the short ribs, chicken tikka poutine, and ghost pepper vindaloo. Also we got the rosemary naan. The food was incredible. The service was great. Parking was a little difficult but it wasn't too far or too expensive

Rose Carmichael -

Overrated. For fusion food this was ok but wouldn't go if looking for Indian food. 4/5 Samosa - slightly over-fried but good 3/5 Poutine - barely had gravy, chicken was great 3/5 Fried Chicken - also over-fried and needed a dipping sauce outside of yogurt, tikka masala gravy would've been great Sat at the bar here with a reservation. I've also been to the Fairfax location and ordered 2/5 Chickpeas and Chips - barely any chips, like 2 pieces and way too much yogurt 2/5 Lamb Burger - patty was very thin and the flavors did not go well with burger ingredients 2/5 Butter Chicken - not enough butter, too tomato-y 5/5 Mango Mousse I really wanted to like it but sadly it was a miss for me at both locations.

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