Birmingham Indian Embassy

2 Darnley Rd, Birmingham B16 8TE, United Kingdom

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Birmingham Indian Embassy

2 Darnley Rd, Birmingham B16 8TE, United Kingdom

+44 7405 158288

Birmingham Indian Embassy, a foreign consulate in the UK


"Single man at the visa desk but was extremely efficient. Took care of each visitor and was able to guide those who were not prepared with documents. Overall great service with minimal staff during covid. Thank you!"

"I'll be honest based on the number of negative reviews I wasn't expecting much. For some reason UK citizens can't apply for a evisa to India, however if you're from Afghanistan or some other obscure country which doesn't have many Indians then you can... go figure Which meant we had to submit applications manually. We had submitted our applications to VFS the previous week and were going to fly out the week after. The actual application was made in February but the earliest appointment was 4 weeks later. Literally one week before we were going to fly out to India. Hence we choose to collect our passports. One day before we were going to fly out we decided to go to the Consulate office in Birmingham even though we had not received confirmation that our visas had been processed. Again we didn't have high hopes. Parking was a pain but we found a space. Upon entering the office your hit with the smell of fennel similar to the one in the Indian suit shops your mum used to go to when you were a kid. Security greeted us. We went in. We explained our situation to the lady at the counter. She was very empathetic, took our details and asked us to wait. 20 mins later another lady brought us our passports and visas. I can only say that the customer service from the security guard to the ladies at the counter was fantastic. There was none of that rude Indian customer service here, which you do get over the phone to be honest. So, hats off to the staff at the consulate."

"CGI, Birmingham. Quickest response & provided me an appointment on emergency visa, Also help me on supporting documents to get along with me. Very helpful & visa on same day. Very high standard of service & facilities. Free tea/coffee vending machine on premises to enjoy while waiting for visa process to complete. CGI Birmingham is the best. Thank you."

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