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Dexterlokes 213 -

I enrolled today with the 10$ monthly coverage that has a small cancellation fee. I enrolled in 6 minutes ? Natalie or Nani was very helpful and professional. I saw some negative comments ? hey owner and/or regional manager as long as you’re reading and fixing these issues then it’s all good ? any gym at peak hours 5-8 pm suck regardless. This gym was super clean and all employees looked happy working there. Ty for the hiring of them and the cleanliness. As of now 6/6/2022 gym was ?

Randy Wilson -

No parking for members because of the low income housing across the street that parks here. 2 machines have been broken for months, one of them for over 4 months. Overcrowded at night and people steal the clips for machines, so that’s always a problem. Music is Loud and not good. The machines that used to have Wi-Fi when this place first opened don’t anymore. Machines always broken.

Ramiro Ramirez -

Love coming in here. The staff here are all super friendly. Great place for me to get my workout routine but the only downside perhaps is the availability on weekends since they tend to close early

Esmeralda Gallegos -

I will give one to star. There’s been a lot of times machines don’t work and don’t get fixed fast . I can pass weeks until they fixe them. Also there’s been more than ones that the gym it’s close and they open late. People waiting In the parking lot including me for the gym to open. It’s is unprofessional the gym website says opens at 5 am Monday through Friday. Everything was dark the power was off. The gym never opened. The website says it’s open. I went just to waste gas. Air conditioning it’s sucks sometimes they have it on sometimes they don’t. Gym owner should disclose that in the website so you know you shouldn’t wear sweaters or leggings to avoid dehydration due it to so much sweating. This is Seriously ridiculous.

Ellie Z. -

Parking is really bad here that i have to park at the starbucks across the street since people that don't even go to the gym are parking there. That's why i cancelled my membership and enrolled to another gym elsewhere. ☹️ I really liked it though it was very clean.

Edwin Rogel -

Fans are off, AC also seems to be off. This makes it extremely stuffy in there so working out is a drag. I get it if employees are cold but this place is for people working out. It needs to be ventilated not necessarily cold. Fix ventilation issue please. I will update review accordingly

Victoria Peralez -

Staff is super unwelcoming and we’re screaming through out the gym they are closing in 20 minutes, 19 minutes, 18 minutes, 17 minutes and so on. It was super uncomfortable to work out being that the gym doesn’t close until 11pm and they were trying to intimidate the member to leave even thought they pay their membership and can stay all the way up until the gym closes.

Clarence Miles -

Excellent workout environment… the kids working there need a little more training and being respectful. The equipment is kept clean and maintained.

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