Body Builders Gym

2516 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027


Simple gym with a large weights space. No-frills neighborhood gym featuring an ample weights area, plus cardio machines.


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Mary-Alice Farina -

People who work there are really cool so this isn’t about them. But for $60+ a month, this place reeeeally, REALLY does not cut it, especially given the plethora of fitness options in LA. If you got grandfathered in, have been a member for years and are paying significantly less, I would definitely understand the appeal. But if you join now in 2022, the price really does not justify the the decrepitude, even with it being the only normal gym in the area. This is a $30/month experience, tops. Grosser and older than any YMCA I’ve ever been in. Like, truly gross and old. Could we get like, a clean mat to do a sit up on for $60+ a month? Or a non rusty weight? It’s egregious. I understand there is a ton of charm to it being the non-corporate neighborhood spot, but it’s time to do some updates y’all.

M D -

wonderful people and location. great locally owned small business. a little grungy but that’s okay. not enough space. too many machines no one uses (or needs to use frankly) and not enough free weight space especially for barbell work. the space they have could be used better. and it could be modernized.

Maxwell Alvarado -

Gonna pass on this gym. The people who give it high reviews are most likely biased long timers. I been doing martial arts since i was a kid so i been in many many gyms and dojos. And i gotta say this was by far one of the most dirty. For over priced gym the equipment and floors look like they haven’t been updated since they opened. A lot of pointless machines. Cardio machines creek and are old. Locker room looks like it came from a bad 50s highschool movie. They have a punching bag which is cool but only one so if your like me and feel morally guilty for hogging machines to long that will bug yah. A lot of the machines have rust and the leather in scratches, Like i can forgive the price if they at least offered drinks or coaching, but really just feels like they are taking advantage of the fact they are a local gym near a lot of houses. Rather take the extra thirty minute bus ride to a high quality gym. Or invest that sixty a month into my own weights. Hard pass

Naomi Clark -

Love this gym! Can't wait to go back. Conveniently located and no frills. Everyone was nice and the equipment was clean.

Robert Bryson -

The facilities are up-to-date, spotless, and roomy. I appreciate having a smaller stretching area and having access to free weights in the studio outside of class times.

J (X) -

No frills gym located in Silver Lake, last month we paid $55/month which has gone up to $69 now without any other hidden fees. We signed up for a month and were pleased with the cleaning and front desk crew. Some of the equipment pieces are a bit worn down, but really no complaints for the value of the gym. Their small fridge beverages are also adequately priced without large markup.

Eddy Flores Estrada -

The best local gym! Very friendly staff

Anthony R -

My favorite gym in LA. Rough around the edges but feels like home :)

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