Carlton House Surgery

28 Tenniswood Rd, Enfield EN1 3LL, United Kingdom

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Carlton House Surgery

28 Tenniswood Rd, Enfield EN1 3LL, United Kingdom

+44 20 8370 4900

Carlton House Surgery a general practitioner in England


"I hear many people say they have trouble getting appointments with a GP but I have been very lucky to never have this issue. I have always been contacted back with 24 hours and received an appointment within a reasonable time frame. I was last contacted by Dr Larkin who was very helpful. Most the receptionist are so pleasant, one is always a little rude and abrupt so I'm glad when I don't have to deal with her."

"I am not happy with the system of trying to get an appointment. I am in severe pain in my lower abdomen - back and front and need to see a Doctor so that they can at least feel my bloated belly. I called this morning at dead on 8AM to be told I was 37th in the queue and I did hold on to speak to the Receptionist . Who advised me that the surgery had reached its capacity. This was at 8.25! It's ridiculous! I was advised unless it is an emergency my telephone conversation will be booked with the out of hours team for a call back on Saturday! I do not feel I warrant calling 111 or 999, however, waiting till Saturday just for a telephone appointment is just wrong I am in pain."

"Medication levels have been continuously ignored or overlooked on my medical notes. Trying to get an appointment to see a doctor is impossible and reception say to try Patches (electronic booking service,) this system is t working and despite saying I was having trouble with it I was told I still couldn’t get appointments to see a doctor. I have now received three texts to book a telephone medication review, I called after the first text and made this appointment for later this month, after the second text (7 days later) I called the surgery to explain I’d already made this appointment, the reception staff member looked and saw the appointment, then told me to ignore the second text. Today another text to make the same appointment again, is there no communication between reception and medical practitioners?"

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