Chikarashi Isso

38 Rector St, New York, NY 10006


Poke bowls in a sleek, informal cafe. Minimalist counter-service place offering gourmet poke bowls fusing Hawaiian & Japanese flavors.


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The Sushi Guide -

Extremely fresh ingredients and a seasonal Kappo style menu, everything we tried was delicious. The best Japanese restaurant in Fidi, I recommend going with a group to try several dishes.

Paul Cheong -

I wanted to like this place as their service was amazing, but their food was hit or miss and while their ambiance was nice, they had this flickering ceiling light that was quite annoying. The croquettes were amazing. So was the sukiyaki. But the chicken karaage wasn’t very crispy. It would’ve been better to fry twice perhaps. The chirashi had good fish but the rice was sticky and gummy, which took away from the fish. Overall a nice meal, but things could be better.

Victor C -

Small place, with a bar and good selection of Japanese liquor. Food was okay The hamburger was a bit gamey, but the sauce was excellent. Fried chicken was well fried but could use a little more seasoning Monkfish liver, would pass Limes were subpar

Heather Lascano -

Absolutely in-love with this intimate, quiet little Japanese oasis! It was as if we transported to Japan with the most perfect authentic yakitori flavors enveloped with Binchotan charcoal by Chef Atsushi Kodo. He executed his vision in the city, on a rooftop with his own custom built wooden structure, unlike anything else we've seen in NYC. A 13-course Omakase turned into a 20-course Omakase but that's how we do! Mouth watering chicken tails, Chochin/chicken ovary, chicken arteries, Kumamoto oysters, cold matcha soba, chicken liver pate, everything was truly delicious. Speaking and interacting with Chef Atsushi was incredible. Service was incredible. The fire spirits were incredible. Grateful they accommodated my fish allergies when no one else would. Wildly super happy, an experience beyond words, my entire being, soul, and energy field is glowing, emanating, radiating.

MrWoo -

Quite a setup for an outdoor yakitori bar where the experience could actually be expanded wben you visit on a rainy day. Their menu is well chosen to guide your path along the set of yakitori and finally greet you with a dessert! I love their choices and one surprising thing is that their waitress did not speak Japanese? or maybe that’s just too much of me asking? but overall, great place!

Melini Jesudason -

Everything I ordered tasted super good. They use really high quality ingredients and have generous portions at a very reasonable price. I would reorder everything again. My favorites were the seared Aburi toro and the Szechuan chili salmon. My friend’s favorite was the kurobuta pork. The fact that we can’t agree means it’s all delicious.

Zayeema Sarwar -

I got the Chikarashi Flight and highly recommend it! Everything had a different flavour profile which was really interesting.

Ada S -

Fabulous place for a date night downtown. The staff and our waiter, Scott, was attentive and provided great recommendations. There's a perfect amount to select from on the a la carte menu if you aren't interested in doing the tasting. There's a large selection of drinks and cocktails (and even a few mocktails) to pair with your meal. LOVED the desserts and will be dreaming about grilled mochi (?)! Food ordered (listed based on my highest preferences first): Yaki Dango, Hojicha Brûlée, Chef’s Selection Yakitori, Chawanmushi, Wok Lobster, Hotate, Chicken Karaage, Samgye Tang, Uni Risotto, and Gyu Maki (unfortunately, I don't eat beef so didn't taste this dish).

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38 Rector St, New York, NY 10006
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