Clinton St. Baking Company

4 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002


Popular all-day brunch spot & bakery. American restaurant especially known for its very popular weekend brunch & its pancakes.


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Albert Husmillo -

They say you haven’t done brunch in NYC if you didn’t hit this spot. Well they’re kinda right, it’s the quintessential place for brunch! For me, they have the BEST blueberry pancakes there is! It’s so perfect paired with their famous maple butter. 2nd runner up is their Spanish scramble which is really delicious! It’s got cheese and sausage so good! It’s kinda hard to get a reservation so book ahead. Also reserve some room for the amazing pastries and desserts! I love the milkshake and the blueberry cheesecake was perfection as well! Great service and servers are always pleasant!

J Powell -

Took the train all the way here for National Pancake Month. We made reservations about a month in advance. If you don’t, you have to arrive early early and the wait it more than an hour. Ordered quite a few dishes from the menu… the chicken and waffle was a little questionable. Being a chef, I know when food has been reheated and the bottom piece of chicken was definitely from yesterday (our reservation was at opening). It was even darker than the chicken on top. Overall, food was delicious and fresh (with the exception of that chicken breast). We enjoyed the food better at their Time Out Market location. They also had their pecan pancakes here and they were so good, I ordered a set to take home. They tasted the same 2 days later.

Hyunser Park -

We got banana&walnut pancakes, blueberry smoothie, omelet with bacon and onions, and grit cheese! THE BEST PANCAKES I've ever had and I'm not a pancake person but I liked it. Also the milkshake had very good quality. The quantity of everything was great!! Atmosphere: other than it's packed the place is really cute and clean. Service: they were too busy so sometimes they forget something but they were kind and nice. Waiting: if you don't book, you'll probably need to wait a long time!

Chas Reynolds -

Some of the best pancakes you will ever eat. Get the blueberry but share them if you can as it’s a large portion. I usually go with the chorizo scramble with hash browns, which are both cooked to perfection. Everything I’ve tried has been amazing. Visiting words of wisdom - if you plan to go on the weekends, go early or be prepared to wait 2-3 hours for a table. You can only make reservations during the week, which I highly recommend you do. Otherwise you will still have at least a 30-45 min wait during brunch.

Becky Ajuonuma -

Made a reservation for 8pm (yay breakfast for dinner) so there wasn’t much of a wait time. Had the blueberry pancakes and chicken & waffles. Pancakes were great (definitely a must try) and the chicken was pretty tasty (wasn’t a huge fan of the waffles). I like that the chicken was a fillet/breast because it’s practical and more enjoyable to eat. Oh and the Mabel butter sauce is where it’s at! Overall had a pleasant experience with good customer service.

M B -

HIGHS: Wow this food was superb! I ordered the waffles and chicken. I have never had chicken that's so savory and crispy paired with sweet waffles. I loved everything about it and recommend putting hot sauce on the chicken. The pancakes were super fluffy and delicious as well. The dirty chai latte was pretty great as well. Everything I ate here was great and I would definitely reorder it again. Service: Empathetic, friendly, time efficient, and kind. Price: Affordable but on the pricier end. LOWS: The store is jam packed. This place is super popular and the tables are so close to each other.

Rylan Gordon -

Highly recommend this place! We went for dinner (since it’s hard to get in for breakfast) and it was a great experience. Blueberry pancakes were phenomenal. The cheeseburger was pretty good (chipotle mayo is perfect for fries). Biscuits are a bit dry. Chicken sandwich was great!! French toast was a bit undercooked but good flavor. The waiter was very friendly and the food was all high quality. Nice classic NY jazz playing in the background.

Usman Ali -

We reached there at 8:45am on a Sunday to join an already long line. Restaurant opens at 9am. We ordered their famous blueberry pancakes, hand cut fries, and bottomless coffee. The restaurant itself is nice and clean with very good service, but I didn’t find anything extra ordinary about the pancakes. They were good but not out of the world as some websites and reviews claim. Overall, a decent experience!

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