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David Cross -

Jeff and Meg have been in the food service business a long time and it shows. Great food, made to order, with excellent service. Great to go someplace where they learn your name and work hard to make sure you feel welcomed.

Wildflower Spa Co. -

We love Good Stuffs! The best breakfast and sandwich options in the Pentwater area. We enjoy the simplicity of this place, the friendly service and the good stuffs (food). We order here frequently and it’s ALWAYS consistent.

Lemon Heart -

My partner and I are an interracial queer couple; It’s so nice to go into a cozy local spot in a small town and not feel hated. The “Don’t Panic it’s Organic!” Sign made us feel safer walking into this place, and after looking around for about 30 seconds, we felt loved. The vibe in here, at first, feels blue collar and conservative, but the more you look around the more you discover the actual vibe. With signs like “Orange Lies Matter,” clever comics strips, and carrying the popular childrens book “Anti-racist Baby” you start to feel a lot safer looking like we do patronizing this business. The waitress, we could tell, was a very strong and sweet person. She chatted with those who wanted to chat and left others who weren’t as chatty alone. It was obvious she cared about her first-time-visitors as well as her regulars (who she knew by name). The chef was playing music and singing along, which added to the charm of this place. It put us in higher spirits before we even ordered our food. Speaking of the food, we got the fried egg sandwich and the French toast, both were phenomenal and both came out in less than 15 minutes. They have a serve-yourself style coffee and cold drink bar, which made having my coffee the way I wanted it a lot easier. My partner bought a couple jars of the local preserves they carry, but they also had locally made goat-milk soaps, and bumper stickers for sale. All in all this visit was incredibly worth it and we wish we could have stuck around for lunch!! Thank you so much for making us feel welcomed and loved ?

Mike Anderson -

The whole experience was EXCELLENT! The restaurant is small, cozy and fun. The waiter/cook/owner was friendly and accommodating!

Laura Bouwens -

Chef Jeff is amazing, my family and I went to this place two years ago and if we are in town we always come here. Everything is so good especially the breakfast burritos are my favorite. Always feel like home

Jan Gomez -

Good Stuffs cooks by far the best breakfast sandwich in the country. The over easy egg is perfection. The staff is super friendly, too!

Michele Metych -

This place is cute and cozy and has gluten-free bread options AND maple sugar for your coffee. The 1/2 sandwich and soup combo was substantial for $9. The chef brought us a sample of the chicken salad, and it was seriously good. Staff was cheerful and friendly too!

Dan McDevitt -

Staff was friendly and helpful. Makes you feel like you're sitting in a family members kitchen.

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