Barclays Bank

93 High Rd, Ilford IG1 1DE, United Kingdom

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Barclays Bank

93 High Rd, Ilford IG1 1DE, United Kingdom

+44 345 734 5345

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"Its a nightmare to b in ilford brunch . Came in 9.30 and still now more than n hour to wait. Came for reporting a lost card and waiting for id verification as they are unable to do so over telephone. No counter service here! Overall very poor customer service."

"Well get a glimpse of my experience and you decide.. Waited in a que at the Ilford branch to be seen, after waiting a considerable amount of time the advisor called me over. I explained I was here to provide ID for a new account application done online as I received a letter via the post instructing to just walk into my local branch with docs i.e passport/drivinglicence. I was told by the advisor to wait a moment while she checks with her colleague. She came back to say that I would need to make an appointment to be seen however everyone is busy so would not be able to provide an appointment but will take my number and someone will get in contact with me. Two weeks pass by since that interaction no news, so decide to call to get an update. The customer service as helpful as they were shocked me when she scoured all my local branches approx 6 and could not find an available appointment for this month of April which there's still over 3 weeks. Bare in mind I've completed the detailed application online passsed all security checks etc so just need IDs checked. When asking the customer support over the phone why its such a struggle for them to get new clients up and running her response was that they are very busy providing a banking service, hmmm I appreciate that but so is every other high street bank but they manage to get the basics done and answer the phone without a looong time being held and be able to follow and stick to their word especially when they formally instruct a potentially new client to walk into their local branch to be seen via post so that means I take my time out to travel to a branch for you to turn around and say sorry we're too busy to see you or provide an appointment, save me the trip in the first place and just be honest in saying we just too busy and overwhelmed with work. Why not have that message on your home page(We are too busy to accept new clients in bold) so that new clients like myself can save us both the time and headache and go to another bank that is more capable. Its just a simple show of respect don't give people the run around or waste their time. I've wasted a best part of 8 weeks, online application took about 5-6 weeks to respond via post to walk into a branch with evidence and so far 2 weeks since the branch advisor turned me away saying someone will ring me back. Called customer service today and they said there's no branch appointments available for this month the one appointment that she was able to squeeze in after 30 minutes on the phone Monday morning 3 weeks away. Do I want to use my annual leave I don't think so if this is how potentially new customers are treated then it really goes to show. Wish you all good luck can't imagine how this bank survives if this is how they conduct business don't know if I am more shocked or intrigued there must be a serious flaw in operations... early signs of things going downhill I'm not usually wrong about these things keep a close eye on the high street bank and keep your money safe"

"This Barclays Ilford branch is too busy sometimes you can’t wait in the queue for longer but they don’t do anything. in the branch if you need information about accounts related you have to wait long no really fast I almost use online service because can’t wait longer than expected."

Opening Hours

Monday: 09:30–16:30
Tuesday: 09:30–16:30
Wednesday: 09:30–16:30
Thursday: 09:30–16:30
Friday: 09:30–16:30
Saturday: 09:30–15:30
Sunday: Closed

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