Iron Industry Gym

Basement/120-128 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia




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Monte Walker -

No visit to Adelaide is complete without a session at Iron Industry Gym. Tucked away beneath Gouger St, this first-rate lifters' paradise has a great range of plate and pin loaded machines as well as free weights. Plenty of benches and space to work out. It's clean, well-maintained and the lighting is a nice change from brightly-lit gyms. Trainers and staff are friendly and happy to answer any questions. Casual sessions - $15

Jess Lyons -

Great gym with a great atmosphere. Trainers and staff made me feel very welcome the first time I came to look around. I have been attending the classes which have been great and I love that they hold them in my lunch break! Fantastic value at $15 for a casual session. Easy and central location too. My only feedback is that hopefully one day they make a dedicated space for the classes to allow for more space and people to attend. Definitely give this gym a go!!

Andy Burnell -

Great gym. It is a small business not a chain, owner and staff are friendly. I joined when they picked up my membership from a nearby gym that closed. Very generous! They put on some lunchtime classes which a few of us wanted and it has all the weight equipment you would need and a great location right by the Central Market. 5 stars!

Jake Evans -

Absolutely love this gym. Always use Iron Industry Gym when travelling to Adelaide for work. Has everything available and all times of the day and just has a great atmosphere. All staff go out of their way to make you feel like you are a regular. Won't use any other gym when in Adelaide.

Stephen Chou -

Lincoln the gym owner welcomed me in as I entered the gym. Great vibes with a modern layout and new and state of the art equipment. Has quotes and murals of the great legends of bodybuilding from the 70’s. Awesome music to keep you going hard for longer. Fantastic!

Luke Owen -

AMAZING, amazing gym. loved the vibe was mellow lighting with all the neon. loved the mix between old school and new style equipment. just hands down amazing definitely will be going back and definitely recommend.

Sarah Mae Inonog -

Good location Very clean gym premises and toilet Equipment are well-maintained Staff are helpful Drop by!

Pap Papydog -

this gym has an amazing environment and plenty of gym equptment. the staff were eager to help and get us sorted on my first visit. definitely a gym to try out and join

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Basement/120-128 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
+61 410 588 880

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