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Refined room for California-centric fare. Minimalist & chic space for seasonal & contemporary California cuisine, plus eclectic wines.


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Hui Huang -

Loved the experience with lots of thanks and appreciations. We 2 girls arrived in LA with luggage and they helped take care of it so we can go for a walk before the restaurant opens. We met a colleague and shared the signature dishes we were interested. They look and taste great!! Service is very patient and friendly. And thanks again for the celebration cake and candles. Super sweet. Lots of recommendations!!!

Paulin -

I am pleased and ecstatic writing this post while remembering our lovely evening moments at Kali. What an extraordinary culinary art, refreshing cocktails, terrific wine pairings with a very nice table service. My hubby and I had the Chef’s Tasting menu, which is absolutely exquisite because I got to try a squab for the first time here. Scrumptious foie gras, plenteous black truffles, and very sweet dessert wines truly make me happy. I love the fact that they outsourced produces across the continents for us - only the finest ingredients. I really appreciate how neat the presentation looks, highlighting the quality of raw ingredients, creativity, craft, and thoughtfulness in every dishes. It is such a delightful pleasantness in an intimately warm environment. Thanks so much for a blissful time!

Jiwon -

We got the $190 tasting menu. The food was great (except the white asparagus) but the service definitely didnt meet the expectation of the reputation/ambience/price. We booked the table in advance but we got seated to an empty table with no utensils ready. The server came to our table maybe 5-10min after we got seated. Funny that we even got a call from the restaurant confirming if were coming to restaurant or not in the middle of our dinner. The service wasnt impressive at all with the price we paid.

Rayner Tai -

We had an incredible dining experience at Kali. We got the seasonal tasting menu and our favourites were the Ribeye (so so tender), the truffle risotto (amazing!) and the meruinge gelato (so good! Like nothing we have ever had). The staff were friendly and helpful, it was great to also meet the head chef Kevin. All in all highly recommend Kali, you won't regret it.

Ricky Wood -

Chef/Owner Kevin Meehan has one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. I had the Chef's tasting menu and I have to say that every bite of every dish was perfect. Even the way the flavors progressed in the first course felt like an incredible journey. The dessert was one of the best I've tasted in my life. The ambiance here was exactly what I want in an upscale restaurant. It was nice, but not pretentious.. like a neighborhood restaurant that can also blow my mind with the food and service. Jeremy was my server. He was very friendly and easy to talk to. He had answers to every question I had and was knowledgeable with every dish. The service was perfect. I'll definitely be back! Thank you Kali team.

April S -

Amazingly, delicious, well prepared and beautifully presented chef’s tasting course menu. Also, Drew and his team were so fun to talk to. I had just gotten off a 15 hour commute / flight, feeling extremely jet lagged but keen to take in the experience and Californian culture. I had a logistical drama getting there but we all got a laugh out of it. So 5 stars for food, and 5 stars for atmosphere and service. The Negroni itself needs its own 5 star rating! Thank you Drew for your hospitality and generosity in the end.

Noah Walters -

The four of us had the chef's tasting menu (8-courses) which were all excellent. The portions were generous. Flavors were good, simple if nothing else. The service was outstanding and really was the highlight of the night.

Britney Palmer -

Absolutely delicious. First time going to a restaurant of this level, my husband and I would go back without a doubt. Service was very nice and courteous. Food was incredible! We both loved each course and dish we ordered. They even brought out a dessert for us in celebration of our anniversary. Thank you to the team at Kali for a fantastic way to spend our anniversary.

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