Marshalls Sheepshead Bay

1623 Ave Y, Brooklyn, NY 11235, ABD

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Marshalls Sheepshead Bay

1623 Ave Y, Brooklyn, NY 11235, ABD

+1 718-934-4570

Retail chain offering branded clothing, accessories, shoes and household goods. In-store shopping Pickup from the store


"I usually like this location, however I was really disappointed after my last visit. First of all, the escalator wasn’t working (it never seems to). The music was also SUPER loud and I am not terribly sensitive to loud noises. The most disappointing factor however was how I was treated at checkout. I had picked up a blanket from the clearance shelf, but it had no price. It was not in its original packaging, no longer folded nicely, and didn’t have a tag. When I asked how much it would be, I waited for the manager to come. She rudely mumbled something and walked away. In the meantime someone came and handed my cashier her paycheck, and instead of ringing up my other items, they chatted for a bit. When I asked how much the blanket was, she told me the price and it was the same as the other perfectly packaged ones. I was confused because A. It was on the clearance shelf and B. It was not in its original packaging. She rudely told me that was what the manager told her. I get that she doesn’t control the pricing, but you could at least be courteous. Eventually she rang up the rest of my stuff and I climbed the broken escalator back to my car. Not a pleasant experience."

"Bathrooms are usually gross.^ Employees are decent, nice for what ive encountered. ^okay variety -shoes are very limited in sizes, the nice ones. -lines get super long, and everyday during holidays its busy most of day, very long wait."

"Usually, I shop issue free at Marshalls. Last visit, was put to work by a Marshalls employee (Alana, I believe) who didn't feel like doing their job of hanging up clothes. I find that if you have a job to do, please do it without complaint and don't make your customers do it for you."

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