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Ethan Petuchowski -

This was my pharmacy for the year I lived in the area, and went there many times. They had a COVID shot available for me before anyone else did. They were always nice on the phone and in person. The store has a nice "neighborhood feel" to it. The only trouble I had was with one medicine, they kept telling me they'd have it in a day or two, but then I'd call back, and they'd made no progress, and after a few weeks of that they said "please give up sir, get this medicine from another pharmacy." I thought that was weird, but was my only bad experience.

Emily DeMaioNewton -

This pharmacy is incredible. The healthcare system is so hard to deal with but they do a lot of the work for you and are always, always ready to help! They find the cheapest way possible for you to get your prescriptions, they deal with calling your doctor to get refills and make sure you’re taken care of in emergency situations if they can’t get in touch with your doctor right away. I’m usually pretty anxious about calling places and trying to explain whatever situation is going on, but I’m never nervous to call NYC Pharmacy. They are super patient and always figure out a solution. They truly are a community establishment.

Jennifer Rött -

Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable!! Amazing local pharmacy where everyone knows your name and really goes the extra mile to help you out!!

Karlene Grinberg -

Moved to the neighborhood in March and needed to find a new local spot. I thank lucky starts to find NYC Pharmacy. They are top notch! A friendly face every time you come in for a prescription. Much love to Fanny always smiling and bringing the joy into the workday.

Connor Bonvillain -

Very professional and friendly environment. Love this pharmacy.

T -

This is a well run old school neighbourhood pharmacy. They have been around for years. Mr. Ali was the patriarch of this establishment. Unfortunately, he lost his battle to Covid this year. He was one of the nicest man. His family members have taken over the pharmacy. They are all professional and lovely. Go here. You won’t regret it.

Stefany Reyes -

First, I need to start by saying I’ve never had such nice and kind people at a pharmacy before, besides the fact that they are great with their customers, the pharmacist Ali, has gone above and beyond, when I was having problems with my insurance and reached out and may many calls for me to be able to get my meds. They’re amazing and so glad I found them.

Darlene Reese -

The staff in this drug store do prioritize their customers with special needs, pregnant, and senior citizens. They were very prompt in assisting me when I bought my pregnancy vitamins in this store. Thank you so much!

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206 1st Ave., New York, NY 10009, United States
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