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Artwork from ancient times to today. Expansive collection of acclaimed international art from the distant past to the present.


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Tom Schwarzkopf -

Military members get in free and get to bring one adult guest for free- an unbeatable deal, thank you so much! The museum itself is beautiful and hosts a growing collection. Some of the exhibits were more miss than hit for me, but it’s all very subjective, of course. The staff and volunteers were all exceedingly nice and helpful, very welcoming environment and I will be sure to visit again!

Elizabeth Johnston -

The standing exhibits of the museum, especially the European section, are sparse, especially if you travel a lot, but the modern section, the local art, and the special exhibits are worth a 2 hr visit. Not very child friendly, all no touch areas and no scavenger hunt or other kid specific activities that I found on my visit. They have a kids museum guide, but it only features 5 pieces of art in it. It would be great if they expanded this. Entry is free for the military and their families, which was appreciated.

Miguel rosas -

Very beautiful art installations. I love coming here once every year just for the art it’s very nice place to sit and contemplate the art and absorb everything. Art conveys so many different meanings and emotions, vibes. This visit was very cool unexpected Chicano art it’s always nice to see that we also are represented and young Mexican artists are recognized for their talent. The miniature rooms are beautiful also.

Blanca G. Ortiz -

Super great experience, it was very helpful to leave my luggage at the front desk and very safe. The place takes to connect with the art. The walls and architecture are admirable, was very evolved. On Wednesday after 3 admission free and just 8 dollar for special exivid. You can do a donation. Be generous there really great. The theater next to it host fantastic plays and the have good food and drink.

Patricia Pieton -

We visited the Art Museum on a hot summer Sunday. Although there were lots of visitors, this property is so massive you feel very comfortable. Allow three hours to take in all the exhibits. There are many different collections for a varied interest in art from classic European to the avant-garde. The website gives a through indication of was is currently available. Easy parking. A wonderful relaxing day that was educational and enjoyable.

Erika Grauzinis -

Really a great mix of artwork, plus a very interesting building to walk around! The modern section is always changing, and they have rotating exhibits too. Their curators do an amazing job grouping various works to put them in a larger context. In the historical sections, some pieces made centuries and worlds apart are paired together in interesting juxtapositions (like an old French coat and an Alexander McQueen dress). They also create themed spaces, like putting observational drawings of women throughout the ages in a single room. This makes the work so much more interesting to view! That being said it was a bit pricey for ticket, but I think it was worth it to spend the day there! They do have a "pay what you want" day (I believe on Wednesdays).

Dylan Slagh -

This museum was very large and satiated my urge to look at art. Me and my girlfriend visited every exhibit and at the last exhibit we just had a quick glance at each of the pieces because we had been there and mostly standing for a very long time! We had a quick drink in the cafe outside and we felt very refreshed. The collection is very expansive and impressive.

Koe T -

The first time we went we used our admission ticket price to upgrade to a family membership. I'm so glad we did, as it's one of the best decisions I've made. My entire family absolutely LOVES going to The Phoenix Art museum. We love the exhibits especially the Firefly room. We always do the scavenger hunt and get our pin. The fashion exhibits are another favorite. There's just so much to see here we can't get enough.

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