Prime Pizza

141 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012


Pizza specialist for classic pies. Old-fashioned space for round or square pizza pies (or slices), garlic knots & salads.


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Hollie Fernando -

Suchhhhh tasty pizza! The square pie is so crispy on the bottom and thick and doughy on the top. Fresh and fast out. Guys that run the joint are really friendly and kind - they brought us some pepperoni on the house to try after we’d ordered. We will be back! Love from your London friends Jack and Hollie x

David Lee -

Really good wood-fire pizza! The crust was thin and the toppings were plentiful but the distribution left a little to be desired. I wish they provided some additional "grandma sauce" on the side for the crust but it doesn't detract from the quality of the pizza itself. It also heated up nicely the next day, using a nonstick frying pan.

Michael Harrold -

2 Wagyu Sausage Slices w/ curry dip / 5 ?! I love Prime Pizza and have been to many of their locations, but when I saw them promoting a special collaboration with Champion Curry at their Downtown LA location, I knew I had to try it! The location is right in Little Tokyo, and their collaborator is right across the street. The pizza was tasty! Crispy thin crust with delicious toppings. I was here for the collab, but I am always happy with whatever I get at a Prime Pizza location. I love a dip for pizza and had never thought to pair a slice with Japanese style curry. It really works! I love this part of DTLA. I go here and Chinatown more than any other part of Downtown. Parking can be tricky, but it is worth it. If you are a local and like thin slice and Sicilian pizza, try them out.

Aaron A -

Pretty decent pizza. Their round pies are great, especially if you are just looking for a slice, but I would recommend the square pies. Great crust, great flavors.

Julie Sow -

Favorite pizza place in Little Tokyo! Spicy Pep in square pie is our go-to. So good! Great food and good vibes all around. Highly-recommend!

Khaley Jenkins -

Our pizza was delayed- majorly- it had been burnt or forgotten but either way the owner gave us free wings and garlic knots to make up for it. When the pizza was still delayed further he informed us he had comped the pizza completely, so our meal was nearly free. Also- the square pizzas (Sicilian and mothers) are PHENOMENAL.. the crust was so crispy, the cheese so thick and melted, bubbled and golden. I can’t say enough about it. Get it.

Jeff H -

Good, but definitely not as good as Best Pizza in NY.

Ashley -

Girl with ponytail recommended Sicilian slice. 10/10 will be coming back for it. Service was quick and she was very nice. i’m pretty sure it’s warmed up again but man it’s still so good. chewy and not dry for me. Gonna come back for the other slices. Didn’t take a before pic..

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