Rudys Phinney Barbershop

6415 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, ABD

Info Opening times and offers may vary due to COVID-19.

Rudys Phinney Barbershop

6415 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, ABD

+1 206-782-9861 A barber shop in Seattle, Washington


"Love this place - Rudy's is a chain but this place feels like home to me! So many nice shop dogs ???? Rachel is my favorite barber because she's just so nice, but everyone here rocks. I have had my hair cut by almost every barber who works here right now and I would recommend any of them."

"Sophie is the BEST!! She works super well with fine hair, always has a smile on her face, and brightens my day every time I see her. I've tried out a couple other hair cutters in the area over the years, but I always come back to her: she's efficient with her time, delicate with hair, and willing to give input where desired. This shop itself is super fun as well; the collage always keeps me entertained and the politics are great. Plus, these are some of the best prices in Seattle for a good haircut, and you won't find anyone better than Sophie at the fancy places-!"

"Of course, with chains like Rudy's, there seems to come mixed reviews. I've bounced around to a few Rudy's over the years, never real stoked on the experience, until I dipped into the Phinney Ridge spot a month ago. I was a walk in, the only one that had space for me after calling around (which was a miracle, wasn't expecting it to work out) and got paired with Jeff S. My experience with the shop itself I'd say is most friendly of all I've been in, just has a nice family vibe. The fact there are shop doggos is great too. Jeff is an excellent barber and a genuinely cool dude. My cuts from him have been stellar, giving me confidence in my hair I haven't had since chemotherapy changed it up for me. 5 stars for the location, and 5 stars for Jeff!"

Opening Hours

Monday: 09:00–21:00
Tuesday: 09:00–21:00
Wednesday: 09:00–21:00
Thursday: 09:00–21:00
Friday: 09:00–21:00
Saturday: 09:00–19:00
Sunday: 09:00–19:00

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