Sirtaki Utrecht

Servetstraat 1, Utrecht, Netherlands

Info Opening times and offers may vary due to COVID-19.

Sirtaki Utrecht

Servetstraat 1, Utrecht, Netherlands


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"One of my favorite takeaway places in Utrecht. The pita dishes are great.+ Vegetarian options"

"Delicious food, wonderful staff and place!"

"What a horrible experience I’ve had at this place. Sirtaki looked nice from the outside and we decided on sitting outside because the weather was nice. Once we sat down the waiter ( or the owner) told us in a very rude manner, lunch was over and asked us if we didnt wanna eat across the street (greek fastfood) we ofcourse wanted to have ‘real greek food’ and told him he could bring out dinner menu’s. Once he came with the menu’s he threw it on the table and left again. Once he came back we had not decided what we wanted to eat yet but all of a sudden a switch turned on and he started getting mad. He asked us if we spoke english and we told him, yes and dutch aswell, he didnt speak dutch... Which was ofcourse not a bad thing since we speak English but he decided to start yelling things in Greek (which we ofcourse didn’t understand.) We told him again we speak English and all of a sudden he told us: If you want cheaper food you could just go across the street. This was said in such a horrible tone which made it sound racist as if we couldnt afford to eat at the restaurant. We left asap and we’ll never go back there again. In all my years of living in the Netherlands i’ve never experienced something like this or even close to what has happened. In a short amount of 10 mins the possible owner came across as racist rude and dumb because he couldve earned alot of money."

Opening Hours

Sunday: 12PM-10PM
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