Smoque BBQ

3800 N Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60641, United States


Casual BYOB for BBQ & sides. Popular BBQ spot slinging ribs, brisket, pulled pork & more in a basic space with community tables.


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Foeor -

Love the brisket and pulled pork here. I recommend the combos sandwiches because they come with a side of fries and a side half pound protein. For our first time we ordered everything separately 1 pound of each protein and tried all the sauces the sauces were all good. And for dessert we had the peach cob and the pecan Carmel bread pudding they were both to die for. I did feel that the sides should be a bit bigger if there was 1 con but overall everything was tasty I will be back.

Greg Squyres -

We visited Smoque BBQ while in Chicago over the weekend. Man, oh man, is it good! Our family tends to order different things and then share so that everyone gets to sample everything. So, during our visit to Smoque BBQ I was able to enjoy brisket, pulled pork, Texas sausage, baby back ribs, barbecue beans, slaw, fresh cut fries, and cornbread. First, let's talk about the meat. The baby back ribs were the best I've ever eaten. The rub was so good and flavorful that I didn't bother to use any sauce on them. They were lean, moist, and meaty. The brisket was smoky, moist, and flavorful. The pulled pork was pulled perfectly without a hint of fat and the flavor was on point. The Texas sausage was a nicely seasoned mild sausage link. Every meat I tasted was impressive. Now for the sides: The slaw was tangy, fresh, and crisp. The barbecue beans contained hunks of meat and onion for flavor and tasted like they had been simmering all day. The cornbread had a perfect homemade taste and texture. But my surprise was the fries. They were outstanding! They tasted fresh, had a nice crunchy exterior and were seasoned perfectly with salt and pepper. So simple, but so good! (And they give you a generous portion!) The staff was very friendly and helpful. The restaurant was clean and inviting. This is a place that appears to really care about the product and the people they serve. It was a great dining experience - my kind of food and my kind of place!

Glenn -

Had the Pulled Pork, Brisket and the Ribs that were recommended by the staff. Came from a recommendation and it sure did not fall on my expectation for the food. Brisket and pulled pork under the option to choose between Lean or Juicy, it was very much juicy when i chose that. There's a subtle flavor from the BBQ and the sauce further enhances it. It was delicious and worthy of my visit across the globe. Ribs were tender and meaty, not overly greasy and definitely not dry from the BBQ. However, do note that it can get crowded and be very hot waiting just to place your order which is in the air conditioned indoors. Tentage waiting area has no air circulation and it was very hot just waiting out for your turn. So be prepared to be "BBQ" before your order if you're making a visit during the summer. Other than that, i think the food's great.

Diana Choudhary -

I enjoyed the brisket,flavor was on point meat was so tender a nice portion was given with the sandwich. The Mac and cheese was awesome the crumble on top made it extra tasty. I'm not a big fan of cole slaw but this one was good. The cornbread was on the dry side not the best. I would have like for the sides to have been a little larger. There are three sauces you can choose from I choose a sweet one it was good but too sweet for my liking so next time I'll try a different one. The dining area was clean and the staff was friendly especially the lady who took my order. This is a BYOB establishment. A must try if you like BBQ

Chris Hoekstra -

Not the largest of places, but it is very busy. I had read it was one of the best BBQs in Chicago. I ordered a Pulled Pork Sandwich with a side of Baked Beans ($15) plus added a 1/4 slab of Baby Back Ribs ($8). They then assign a table. The sandwich was pilled high with pulled pork and a very good bun. The pork was very tender and a wonderful full flavor. The baked beans were very good with bits of brisket in it. The ribs were excellent with a really nice char on them. The meat definitely fell off the bone and full of great flavor. Overall a 5 star review. I definitely see why they are so popular. Would I return? Absolutely.

Arex S -

Great bbq spot on the north side. Our lean brisket was delicious, ribs were flavorful and the side were generous in size especially the fries. Cornbread was not as moist as I like but was still yummy. The dinning area is fairly small but they do have a decent size outdoor patio. Parking is a bit of an issue since this place doesn’t have its own parking lot but we had no problem finding a spot just a block away during dinner time. Everyone in the restaurant area is very friendly and quickly assisted us with any requests.

petersonA95 -

This place was awesome. A small menu but done really well. The pulled pork sandwich was one of the best I’ve had. They do NOT skimp on the meat. They say it’s 6oz for a sandwich but it sounds way smaller than what you really get. Both the Carolina and spicy mesquite were really good sauces, and they give you quite a bit. I really like that they give you a full side of sauce to drizzle over the sandwich, allows you to put on as much as you want. The brisket was also good, but not nearly as good as the pulled pork. They also give you a generous amount and it was very soft and fatty. The mac and cheese was good, but not worth $3.50. You’re only given about two or 3 spoonfuls. The fries, however, are very worth it. They give you a lot for your money.

Sergio Domínguez -

While I live far away, this spot is worth the drive! When I arrived, I was surprised there wasn’t a line - I placed my order and quickly got my food (the place filled quickly soon after!). I got a chopped brisket platter with slaw, fries, and beans. The fries: beautifully seasoned, perfectly salted, piping hot. The beans: sweet and savory, generous amounts of brisket. The slaw: tangy, bright, light - wow! And the brisket was so tender and juicy that it just melted in my mouth! This said, I do wish the brisket were a tad smokier. But, where this place truly, undeniably shines is in their sauces! The Memphis style was sweet and thick, much like one would expect from a typical bbq. The Spicy Memphis was a gorgeous, complex balance of sweet and spicy - to die for! But the Carolina sauce was my favorite, so bright, tangy, balanced, and vinegar-forward. What a treat! With generous portions, I had leftovers to enjoy the following day! To top it all off, the staff were kind, patient, and attentive. This place is worth the hype!

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