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Stephen Balza -

Cool place! Our hotel was just a half mile down the road and we had heard good things. So unique to have farms right in the city…and a restaurant with them! I’ll say this…the lunch menu was expensive. We enjoyed a couple sandwiches. Bread was too notch and the atmosphere relaxing. Shade or sunny spots to sit…your pick. They even have yard games you can check out.

Rob the Foodie -

Great customer service and great selection of drinks ? and food a little pricey but the food is well worth it. And the outside dining ? is great ?and they are dog ? friendly

Janey C -

First time here. Busy but the line moved fast enough. Ordered the Avocado Egg Salad toast and it was really good and filling. Will definitely visit again to try more of the menu.

amanda denogean -

great staff, unlike downer. had a baby shower and brunch with mimosas bar!! thank youuuu Jennifer 12/10/22

Steve Fairbank -

Been coming here for years but came a couple of weeks ago with a wheelchair person and let me tell you... They claim it's wheelchair friendly however, it ISN'T... had to practically carry the person to the patio. The parking and entry have stones placed in such a way they trap the wheelchair wheels. Why would they do that? A couple young guys who helped us get the handicapped person in agreed, it sucks, they'd ask about it. The vibe here is one of help, healing, and relaxing so I thought I'd let them know at the office, no help there... * I emailed customer service, Stephanie Dieterich responded, that it's an outdoor venue and no further response. When you advertise as HANDICAPPED accessible and it's not, well Diners Beware...

Rick Gonzalez -

Coming to the farm is always a delightfully educational, natural and visual adventure to the senses. The beauty alone captivates one’s down-home nature, and spirited love for the country, the creature comforts of nature and harmony, and the subtle life of days gone by. For me this is all well and good, and I enjoy it, but unfortunately, like us, this captivation to the ambiance also spreads to general folk visiting this little haven in the city. So much so, that the throngs of individuals generate an opposite reaction of masses subduing the passiveness and serenity of the location to a green and lush public traffic jam! This little oasis no longer is. Too many people, too many cars! And, the ‘Kitchen’ appears in my book, as a feeder to these throngs, ‘cause it’s good. We’ve had the opportunity to visit here many times, and don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful, we love it, and the food is terrific, though in our opinion overvalued. This is at best a once in a blue moon visit and a fabulous place to take your out-of-town friends and family as a unique Phoenix experience – be part of the ‘nature’ crowd. But trying to enjoy the likes of Huevos Rancheros, one of their mouthwatering omelets or good sandwiches and other fresh and delectable farm fresh offerings under a fab canopy of trees and garden surround in the open will be great, comfortable and relaxing, yet with the din and crowd of many enjoying the same around you. My personal view, very, very good! A great deal unfortunately gets lost to its Patron crowding!

Jamie “JGirl” Haines -

My daughter took me there for the first time. I thought this place was awesome. The food was fresh and it was so good. We had sandwiches and fresh homemade asparagus soup. I highly recommend going here

Ian Carpenter -

This was my first time here and I was blown away. I's crazy that such a lush area is in the middle of the desert; I felt like I was in another state while I was there. I ended up taking pictures while I waited for my food because it was so beautiful. The food is great at the kitchen - sandwiches, salads, and soup with all ingredients locally sourced. It is a bit pricier, but that is always the case when it is local grown. We had the BLTDA and it was amazing; the texture of the chicken was great. I would definitely recommend it.

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6106 S 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85042, United States
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