The Palm Court

768 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019


Afternoon tea & cocktails in iconic digs. The Plaza Hotel's iconic, swanky venue for high-end breakfast, afternoon tea & evening cocktails.


  • Price: $$$$


Guineviere Caerlaverock -

If you have the opportunity (and the cash) to experience afternoon tea here, you should. That being said, it is an experience. You aren’t paying for the rarest ingredients, which were still quite exceptional, you are paying for the history, the environment, the impeccable service, and the whole experience of having tea in such a storied place. The service was incredible. Everyone was so friendly and courteous. The food was superb as was the tea. We absolutely had a blast and would love to do it again.

Jessa 4Peace -

Lovely experience! I was in NYC for the weekend so I made a reservation for Afternoon Tea. After a day of traveling, being able to relax, have a bite to eat, sip some tea and read was much needed. They allow about 90 minutes for tea which is plenty to unwind and soak in the experience. The Plaza is a gorgeous hotel and The Palm is no exception. The tea selection was quite good and the food tasty. I wouldn't say it's necessarily so tasty to be worth the $150 price tag but, as with many things, it's the experience and ambience you're paying for. I had a lovely experience with excellent service. Will definitely come again the next time I am in the city.

Chunglin Wen -

Had holiday tea here in 2021 Dec. The food itself is fine for the price point. overall experience was great. Service is very attentive and naturally friendly. A minor issue is that we had to wait for 15 mins even if we are on time for our reservation.

M Bedard -

I had an amazing experience here having Afternoon Tea with my mom! As a present for her birthday, I decided to treat her to tea, and oh my gosh, we had the best time! The Plaza is gorgeous and just sitting there was an experience in itself, but the tea and treats were amazing! Yes, it’s pricy, but the food was delicious, and the waitstaff was very attentive. One thing I will say is the food you get is just tea food, nothing super fancy or over the top but you can tell it high quality products and it’s made well. If you’re looking for a fancy restaurant experience with fancy food this isn’t it, this is afternoon tea done right at a cost that make sense for the location. After all you're not just paying for tea here; you’re paying for the whole experience!

Lucia Lorenzo (Lucy) -

The Palm Court I instead indulge in Starbucks plastic sandwiches. Seriously, at least they are more significant portions. Phenomena like this have driven iconic places to lose their charm and authenticity. The experience? Fun, sure. But our purpose wasn't to visit the Epcot center. We intended to invest our budgeted money towards the essence of the Plaza Hotel. The waiters were a complete disaster. Uninterested in their tasks, rude, and with precarious English spoken. Overpriced is an understatement when you get served barbie doll food. Old, even moldy, I would say. The Palm Court not only does not do justice to its tradition but also competes with a tea parlor in Chinatown. And guess what... yes. It loses.

Christina Grace -

We always stop in at The Plaza when visiting NYC. This time we had dinner off the Lite Fare menu and couldn’t have been happier with the food and service. We had the filets. While they weren’t the best we’ve ever had they were very good and we thought the prices were certainly fair. Our steaks included a side too. Cozy, romantic, classic.

Ben Incera -

Great experience celebrating my girlfriend's birthday here. All of the treats were delicious, and they were ready to go with a vegetarian version of all sandwiches available (just ask, even though we didn't see it on the menu). Tea selection was great, though I wish I had gone with one of the standard offerings rather than splurging on dong ding. I personally love pure leaf tea but I think I could have gotten similar quality somewhere else for much cheaper, or maybe I just prefer to drink that without a smattering of delicious snacks to distract me from the nuances of the tea. In any case, my girlfriend's Darjeeling was a much better pairing, and already included in the original price. Champagne was delicious and well worth the extra charge. The staff was extremely kind in giving us a box (pictured) to commemorate the birthday celebration. It came with a note, a chocolate, and four tea cookies. Cookies are slightly over-salted but still delicious, and it was so pleasant to receive.

nicole kim -

Believe it or not, The Palm Court can easily be your neighborhood bar for someone just interested in good food and good vibes. Take a seat at the center bar and you can enjoy a meal by yourself in a very pampered but casual atmosphere. If you like lamb chops, it even surpasses ones that you will find in Paterson, NJ—-make sure to only order the dish with two pieces unless sharing as they are ginormous! Though the lighting may be a bit too bright before the evening (dims around 5), you can better see the beautiful stain glass ceiling and decor during the day.

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