016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop

5077 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625


Seasonal, Serbian-American eatery & bar. Serbian-American fare from local ingredients with imported beer, wine & brandy in relaxed quarters.


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Jessica Colina -

Incredible experience. Beautiful atmosphere with the outdoor patio and some of the most gracious servers. I’m not Serbian but absolutely loved the food at this location. Everything was impeccable and loaded with flavor. We tried the burrata salad (fresh organic tomatoes and smoked beef), veal soup (taste like grandma made it with all the love in the world), roast chicken dish, and and the Braised veal (with potatoes and carrots). Everything had us licking our fingers. I can’t wait to be back to try other dishes. They have my full trust when it comes to their menu. I’m so glad my husband and I stumbled upon this place. We will for sure be back. 10 out of 10 experience. ❤️

M -

Wow! It was SO good. This was my first experience with Serbian food and I was a bit nervous. I'm used to eating American, Asian, and Latin food. Catch my feel? But....everything we ordered was so good! The meat was soft and almost brisket like, the polenta was flavorful. The cabbage roll was surprisingly good!! The burek was to die for (try both!). The restaurant is very clean and has quiet music playing. I will return without a doubt.

Rhonda Wong-Calace -

The best salad with whipped feta was to die for! Everything was ? delicious and fresh. I have been wanted to try this place for a long time and am so happy I finally did. Great place to have a great meal and catch up with a friend!

Anthony Strickland -

016 was great today. I spent two weeks in Serbia last year and fell in love with the country and especially the food. My girlfriend didn't get to go with me, so I've been trying to introduce her to Serbian cuisine. Good shopska salad, chevapi, and kajmak. We went for lunch with a smaller menu. We will have to come back for dinner. My Serbian is not so good, but I have to say 016 is odlično. Živeli

Rolo -

Their south rail is a triple style hotdog which has great snap and super savory flavor complimented with crunchy slaw and coarse mustard on itallian sub (crunchy & soft). Excellent flavor and super helpful and friendly staff!

Kofu Kowa -

Was expecting way more from this place, maybe I need to try more stuff. Ordered burgers which were huge, but taste was so-so. I never understand why some restaurants like this one, when you order to go, they put fries in closed containers and wrap them, so it needs exactly one minute to get all soggy and not really enjoyable to eat. We also ordered fried pepper appetizer, which was outstanding! It was so rich and complex that made me happy. So for sure I will be back, because I see potential in this place. Service was nice. UPDATED: Came back to 016 and was ready to try other stuff. Started with fried pepper appetizer and it was even better this time, super good kick and crisp, I just love this dish.. For entrees we had Chevapi, Braised Veal and sarma. Chevapi were on the spot, Sarma wasn't the best, great presentation tho. The Braised Veal was fantastic, meat was so tender, the wine sauce was outstanding and potatoes were cooked perfectly, such a great dish! Service was excellent. I changed my mind and I'm really satisfied with this restaurant presenting Serbian cuisine.

Miro Skoric -

Very very good food friendly staff overall definitely should try everything on menu i had stuff pljeskavica and veal soup with moda drink fenomenal

Jake Beck -

Supreme Serbian sandis. Tucked away neighborhood spot, a gem for lunch or dinner. Everything we had was delicious

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