Authentic Thai Kitchen

4500 N 12th St, Phoenix, AZ 85014


Cheery venue for classic cuisine. Traditional curries, noodles & stir-fries whipped up in an upbeat, industrial-chic space.


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Matthew Hernandez -

Tables and floors were clean. Decor is modern with a touch of traditional elements. Restaurant temperature was nice. Restaurant was completely empty. Parking lot was in good condition, but small. Staff consisted of one waitress who was very friendly, attentive, and urgent. She wore casual clothes and had good hygiene. Egg rolls were crispy and tasty, accompanied by a clear, sweet sauce. Pad Thai was very saucy and very tomato based, could've had more complex favors, or a balance between sour, sweet, and salty. Noodles were a good texture. Green curry was very watery, but tasty; however the beef in it was tough and flavorless. Presentation was nice with beautiful dishwear. All dishes were at a good temperature. Overall, the quality of the meal was not worth the price. I most likely will not visit again, unless the dishes improve. Thank you Authentic Thai Kitchen!

Beverly Senzee -

Wonderful service, wonderful food, great portions: got three fresh rolls AKA summer rolls and a really good peanut dipping sauce as well as gigantic Thai teas, the biggest I've ever been served!!?

Brandon S -

Really liked this place. It looks small from the outside, but actually has a decent amount of seating inside. The chicken and flavors were really good. The server was also very attentive. Will definitely return, as this has become one of our new favorite Thai spots in the valley.

Terry L Buzzard Jr. -

Great local authentic food. I like how when you order hot it comes out hot, unlike any other place I visited. Place was clean and staff was friendly. Food was prepared fast and accurate, even with my allergies. Fun atmosphere. Not a huge selection of food but when it's good who cares, helps make decisions faster. The mural on the side is epic and worth a pic. They are now open on Sundays for dinner service.

Mayra Alcala -

Omg.... The price with the portions are perfect the flavors are great I order the summer rolls and path Thai (medium) it is soooo good and the Thai tea I wish I had the largest size hidden Gem!!!!

Tara Yadgir -

Great service and the food was so delicious! I got the drunken noodles and they were cooked perfectly. My husband went with the basil stir fry and the sauce was so fragrant I could smell it from across the booth. We both went spice level 2, which is medium, but still pretty spicy.

Tricia B -

Food was ok, the aftertaste on the noodles was just off and the rice was bland. The best parts were the egg rolls and the orange chicken but personally I'd suggest Thai Rama instead. The service was slow, while we were the only ones there. It was near closing and we wanted to not hold up the restaurant but instead our waiter disappeared for over 30 minutes and we were just sitting waiting for our bill.. the atmosphere was clean and quaint and had an interesting channel on the tv with another language singing.

James Yaw -

What a hidden gem... the decor is comfortable... the food is absolutely DELICIOUS. I had the green curry with pork... spice level 2 was comfortably spicy. Service was great ... Ive been to Thailand... since I can't get back there anytime soon I can't wait to come back to this place.

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