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K hyuihiun -

Great workout. Decent teachers. Music can be a bit too loud sometimes but whatever,it's no big deal. I don't feel pressured to run as fast as everyone else. I'm more into strength training instead of cardio so my running isn't very fast so I feel comfy running here in the dim lighting and everyone is paying attention to their own thing. So, it's not intimidating.

Erik Zamora -

One of the most challenging group fitness experiences. The trainers will push you until you are grunting and I don't think you can handle one more rep or one more sprint. If you go regularly, you will feel yourself get stronger and reshape your body. However, it is also extremely expensive. Depending where you are in the country, it could be anywhere between $30-$40 for a single class. I usually use Classpass, and only pay $11.50/class, but I can only go 3 times per month.

Lesly Morales -

I wish they had a reviews/experience forum at Barry’s because there is one person I would like to acknowledge. This person makes everyone’s day better.Tavaris, is the most helpful person I know. He always has a smile on his face. And although almost everyone at Barry’s are nice people, he stands out to be by far the nicest and most genuine people there. He provides great customer service and makes you feel welcomed when you walk in. It’s always a breath of fresh air to meet people like him!

Jorey “JO REY” Blake -

This is my favorite Barry’s location, but all the other locations I’ve visited are good too. You definitely get that “Hollywood” vibe here, which some will like and some won’t. But it’s a good vibe - positive, high energy. Donald is my favorite, but all are good!

Adam Schneider -

The West Hollywood studio is a dark dank closet compared to this spacious modern studio. Easy parking validated for 90 minutes, great locker rooms, and great instructor.

Alex McIntosh -

Terrible customer service. I was two minutes late and they gave up my spot. Telling me I had to be at least five minutes early for the class. No call. Nothing. Then told me the class was sold out and I would have to wait to be put on the waitlist for another class. Meanwhile others came in later than I did and were let into the class. Terrible customer service.

Jason Lin -

Fun, intense, sweat filed workout. Really able to push limits and feel great. Clean facilities

Steph Au -

Sweat more than ever!

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