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Marvin Panemalaythong -

Smaller gym and older equipment. I only saw 1 smith machine and 1 rack. Has everything you need for a workout but can become crowded quick due to the size. Personally prefer more equipment and space

Andrew Zubek -

I love Bolder Fitness - I used to go to Gold's gym, no comparison! Don't waste your time at a big gym like Gold's, go to Bolder! Cassian, the owner, is great and I haven't had an issue with any of the other gym goers either. Always gotta love a good lift!

Shayla Welch -

I really enjoy going to this gym!! It’s very clean, with great energy and not crowded!!! Eva and Cassian are super helpful with training and assistance. Overall I would definitely recommend this gym!

Mike Azran -

Very flaky operator DO NOT JOIN AT ANY RATE!!, there is no membership info, rates, terms listed anywhere, they charge based on your appearance to hustle as much as possible, dont be foolish like me!!!

Willie Bringier -

I am not a member but I wanted to thank the staff for making me feel welcome. It was Saturday at noon I came in an I needed to blow off some steam. (Important meeting kept being delayed) I explained the management was more then accommodating. I signed a waiver an walked the gym tried some of the equipment. The equipment was clean an functional. The place was well ventilated an bright with natural light. It allowed me to focus as if I were at my own gym at home. Well done. If you want to workout an you want an atmosphere that is conducive to reaching your goals this is definitely the place.

Matt Zebro -

This place is convenient with 24/7 access but even with LA prices the monthly rate you pay is too high considering how old, outdated and cheap the equipment is. Also at any peak time the gym gets way too crowded because everything is packed in tight leaving very little room to do anything not equipment related.

Mike Bartholomew -

I just dropped in for a 1-day pass while staying at a local hotel. Great gym, nothing fancy, just a bunch of professionals working their tails off. They were welcoming and very cordial. As a physical therapist & certified strength coach I could the trainers were very experienced and weren't fooling around. Thanks for letting me drop by!

Karin T Rodriguez -

Great amenities for the membership prices.

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