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Robin Jones -

I highly recommend Brick LA. The members and staff were friendly and welcoming and we received top notch coaching from Pedro. He demonstrated everything, gave scaling options and coached athletes throughout the class. He truly cares about what he is doing and it shows.

Landon Arciero -

This is the best gym I have ever been to. All the coaches go out of their way to make sure you are meeting your goals as well as feel welcome into the gym. Every class takes the time to make sure you are comfortable with the movements and if not they show you the correct way and scale the workout. All the members of the gym are also very welcoming into their community. I HIGHLY recommend Brick.

Gina Bartoli -

It doesn't get much better than BRICK. From the moment I left my first class, I knew I had found it... the place that would help me never go to a 24-hour again! From the coaches to the community to the intense programming, BRICK has made me fall in love with fitness, take on challenges I never thought possible, and helped me be the best me. The community at BRCK is unmatched. The level of athleticism and drive has pushed me to new levels and helped bring out my competitive energy again (which was hiding after hs and college)! BRICK is filled with so much love and support. Hearing people cheer and yell as loudly as possible for you to get that extra rep with 3 seconds left is an unparalleled feeling. (Plus, we know how to have fun and love seeing each other in and outside of the box!) The coaches aren't afraid to tell you how to do a movement with precision, push you to new heights and help you "dig deep" to finish a workout you wanted to quit after the first two minutes. I love my BRICK fam, and you will too! JOIN IN!! Or stop by for a visit!!

EJ Gregory -

This was absolutely great (being my first time)! Brandon’s class worked me to the core! His direction was spot on and he made himself available for everyone individual!! No doubt I will be returning!!!

Anthony Russo -

Brick creates an extremely supporting environment while still pushing you past your comfort zone. During the pandemic the gym allowed members to borrow equipment so we could all workout from home. They did everything they could to keep us moving and inspired during one of the most stressful times many of us have experienced. Proud to call this gym mine! Keep it going!

Kendall C -

Crossfit Los Angeles. If that is what you are looking for, Brick CrossFit is where you want to be. I have been going here for 4 years now and this place has only improved. The workouts are expertly programmed and the coaching is excellent. The staff will always maximize your workout intensity while ensuring a safe workout environment [they always discuss scaling options!]. The facility itself is very clean and the equipment is in great condition.

Terry Ellison -

I just finished my first year at Brick. I've never been stronger or in better shape in my life and I wake up looking forward to not just the workout of the day, but going to see all the awesome people there. The coaches are all top notch and I've learned something that has helped me become a more well rounded athlete from every one of them. The master trainer who plans all the workouts is incredible and a true master at his craft. The gym manager is so very friendly and the staff is great... a really well run, clean environment. If you're looking for programs to get you stronger, faster, leaner... whatever your needs are, they likely have a class for it. The main reason I joined Brick is the wide assortment of classes... Olympic lifting, Crossfit, Cardio bootcamp (called BX), Yoga, Kickboxing, Gymnastics... they have it all. This gym will change your life, create positive results, challenge you to grow, and cause you to have massive amounts of fun in your daily gym visit. I've been to many other gyms around town and even back home where I grew up... trust me when I say, this place is next level! Do yourself a favor and come join us!

lissette schettini -

I've been a member for over 5 year and I still love it so much. Everything I need in a gym is at Brick: Crossfit, Circuit training, kick boxing, Olympic lifting and a yoga. Brick has Incredibly knowledgeably talented coaches and they offers amazing programming for all levels in all areas. One of the greatest thing about Brick is also the community it has built. It's so welcoming and fun! I love me some Brick! :)

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