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Edith Law -

I love this Equinox location so much! The interior design is gorgeous and it’s nice and secluded. The morning classes are never packed so it’s nice to have a lot of space to workout in peace. The trainers here are also super friendly and are always willing to help you with personalized suggestions. Overall, of all the Equinox locations that I’ve tried, I like this one the best. The only complaint I have is that the parking structure is a little crazy.. it’s so hard to find the entrance and when you’re in the structure, it feels like a maze.

Erica Vigen -

I’ve been training with Eliza at this location for 6 months. The tangible results are that I look way better and am physically stronger: -15lb, -10% body fat, +2lb in muscle mass. The more intangible results are far more powerful though: I am mentally stronger and more confident. I derive joy rather than fear from my workout schedule, and finally experienced that “endorphin high” I heard so much about! I am stoked to wear crop tops every day and can whoop my friends to the top of any hike. I’m a different person than I was 6mo ago because of the direction, consistency, and encouragement from Eliza.

H Nvz -

I have the nationwide equinox pass given my heavy travel schedule. This equinox location was on par with some of their best ones in NYC. It felt new and will designed. The parking is difficult to find but it is free for 2 hours. I enjoyed this location.

Alex “Alex T” Tannenbaum -

Not a great gym. Old and outdated equipment. Spinning bikes are atleast 10+ years old. I recommend john reed a few blocks down. Brand new gym. Awesome amenities and Ferraris of gym equipment imported from Germany. Its only 100$ a month contract free and cancel at any time. Equinox needs to lower their prices or upgrade their equipment or both.

Philip Sclafani -

I have been a daily visitor for years, and have enjoyed the yoga classes daily for three years. The instructors are generally exceptional in that they inspire the exercise - stretching, strengthening and often very tough, depending on the class - but still make yoga seem simple and fun, rather than easy. (Try it, because with time you'll recognize so much progress!) The facility is in a unique location with library views, a private rooftop patio with fire pits, a lemon tree lined rooftop patio just above, a gym bar, and an indoor lounge with cafes and shops just below. There is nothing like it in terms of the breadth and availability of other classes too. It will be one of the most Immaculate gyms you will find, even though I wish they wouldn't vacuum so much. Think green and take the metro or bike if you can because both are also very convenient, just like the validated parking. I rarely review, but because it's closed with coronavirus I have the time, and noticed comments that don't paint as full of a picture.

Mohsin Malik -

I got my dishwasher repair in one day. Fast and efficient services here.

K I -

Visited this gym between 5pm and 6pm weekday peak hours. Parking is hard to find. Small gym, very crowded. Neighboring shower stall's water spills into your shower stall. Came here for a leg day. Both squat racks taken for the entire time along with all leg machines. Only was able to do a few sets on one of the leg machines in my entire session. Equipment on the floor shaken by nearby in use treadmills. Don't think I'll be returning to this location.

Alexander Goncalvez -

UPDATE: I got charged three more months even after I was told my membership was cancelled. I received confirmation by Courtney Brin that it will be taken care. The following two months I still got charged. Now I have to dispute the charge one more time. This is so unprofessional. Is this a scam ? Why do I keep getting charge month after month after I"ve cancelled my membership in JULY OF 2020. I cancelled my membership back in July 2020. I continue to get billed. This is the 2nd time that I have to call Equinox to refund me. Its exhausting! Get it together Equinox billing team!

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