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Tyson Williams -

Terrible customer service from Dan Lester the owner of the chain. Zero communication and conflict resolution skills. Would never recommend. Not to mention terrible value for money. Save $200 a year and open yourself up to hundreds more locations with Anytime Fitness. The only things that Dan's Gym offers that AF doesn't have is a weighted sled and Schwarzenegger shrines. EDIT: Dan's response not only fails to encompass all true facts, it also strengthens my initial review of his poor conflict resolution and communication skills. What Dan fails to mention is that a communication between himself and myself, that I handed my key fob back 6 months ago, rendering his gyms usability null and void. He has continued to charge me weekly. Will definitely be contacting the ombudsman regarding services paid for not being provided.

Warrior Training -

One of the best gyms in all of S.A with no B.S and a great community, definitely recommend

Jenny B -

Friendly and inclusive, not pretentious at all. Tailored PT workouts thoughtfully chosen to suit the individual

Christy Gower -

Amazing gym, great machines and clients. Trainers and staff are so knowledgeable and friendly go out of their way to help you if you need it. 24 hrs with 3 locations.

Damien Warren -

A great gym to train in...iconic Arnold memorabilia all around the gym. Friendly staff and a really good story for a gym that is owned by Dan and not a corporate owner. It has a great 'old school' feel...give it a crack. Has both functional fitness area as well as weight training.

Matthew Roberts -

Great gym, has what you need

Aaron Williams -

When you come to the gym you are greated by lovely staff whom eventually will know you by name. In fact Dan himself is always on hand listening to members concerns and managing gym right here on the ground. It's truly unlike your big chain commercial gyms, the atmosphere is like no other. It's not in any way intimidating for people starting out and there's a real care for one another amongst members. It's incredible place oriented towards family friendly atmosphere.

Michael Roberts -

This place isn't like other gyms. Dan and his staff have done their best and succeeded to make a welcoming and friendly gym that caters to everyone. There are plenty of machines and weights, and caring staff that will help you with your fitness goals and journey without the pressure. I tried a few gyms before coming here and none of them were a supportive, i can't recommend Dan's enough.

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2 Dewer Ave, Ridgehaven SA 5097, Australia

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