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William L Jr -

I’ve been coming here since my teens, b4 it was “DC Fitness” 15 years ago. They still have all the same equipment in the weight room, waiting for an upgrade of some machines or anything new in this case. As of right now they charge 40 a month or 30 if you commit to a full year membership. At those prices we should have better equipment than LA Fitness and 24hrs fitness. - Caleb* make it happen!

Jonah Morris -

Sure, maybe I could find a slightly cheaper gym in LA but at $40 a month, no sign up fees, renew each month when I want (if I lapse two weeks after a month I can start up in 5 seconds and not be charged for those two weeks). It’s more convenient to me as someone living close by in echo park. I will say it gets really crowded week days after 4-5 (tons of high schooler come here). Some new equipment would definitely be nice but overall I’m not complaining. You pay for what you get. It’s no frills.

Gerard Kenah -

just moved back to LA and one of the first things on my mind was to find a new gym. after checking a couple cheaper options in the area out (EOS, Planet Fitness, etc.) I decided on signing up for DC. It was so refreshing to find a place with no BS fees to start. 40$ for a month to month membership with no signup fee or cancellation fee. another huge benefit is having parking outside the facility. the only issue would be that some of the equipment is clearly dated, but the weight room is still great overall. the equipment still gets the job done but you can obviously tell it could use an update. but some people may like this aesthetic. tons of space, which almost makes it look like empty, but you realize they have everything you need. masks are required but no one seems to mind if you pull it down during your set or while catching your breath. for the price plus the available parking. I don’t think anywhere around the Echo Park/Silver Lake area can beat it.

Alex Cruz -

Quiet place No crowds,nice and clean People from the front desk They are very friendly ???

Kobe Ochoa -

Good equipment, reasonable monthly fee, and free parking. A great local gym close to Mid-Wilshire/Koreatown. All the staff is friendly and responsive to concerns of the members. 5/5

Amie Garcia -

Good place to workout. There is a parking lot for members about a hundred meters away which is very helpful. Everyone seems to be respecting the mask rules while working out, and the facility closes down for 1/2 hour every 2 hours to disinfect everything. It hasn't been too crowded since I've been there. I like the different sections that they have to do outside work, plyo, cardio, and weights.

Will Vano -

Great, small gym without all the ridiculousness you see at other gyms around LA. I love it because it's one of the few gyms that have a basketball court, which was a big selling point. The staff is pretty friendly, and it never gets uncomfortably crowded. The rates are better than a lot of places I looked at, and there's plenty of parking. I just wish they had room for a few more machines (like rowing and flying leg curl) and the basketball court schedule was posted online ( the court gets filled up for games and practice during league seasons).

Juan Chairez -

Great gym. Peaceful and well-equipped environment. Provided sweat towels. Also building was just restored and repaired. Was offered a special deal for a group of 10+ people ( mental health clinic, APCTC) for about $75 a month.

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