Derrimut 24:7 Gym - Caroline Springs

21-25 Panamax Rd, Ravenhall VIC 3023, Australia




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Adam -

Largest gym I've been to and spread across 4 warehouses. Staff are nice and there's always cleaners around cleaning surfaces maintains the physical appearance of the gym. Just don't go during peak hour on a Monday to Wednesday as you might struggle to complete a workout if inflexible with your workout plan as it's very busy.

Katarina Riini -

I love this gym! My family and i have been coming here for years. Naturally we're not the only ones and it's busy more often than not at any time of the day or evening. The equipment is fantastic and everyone obviously appreciates it. Huge area and classes upstairs. Great apparel at decent prices. Helpful staff...ok so i might be a little biassed but try it for yourself... you'll see ?

Mohamed S. Mitwalli -

Man, I love this Gym. Huge space, LOTS of equipments with the highest quality. Never attended and wasn't able to find vacant equipments no matter how busy it is. I've been to so many gyms, nothing comes close!

Stacey Radbron -

I go to this gym because of the dope mum of 5 who takes the Step Class. At one point she was 8 months pregnant and still stepping like a boss. Her hype is on point, she is encouraging, she's all kinds of sassy but I'm also scared of her ? in a good way.

Adam Muncan -

No. 1 Gym in Melbourne! Take their word about it being the biggest gym in the Southern Hemisphere. Great vibes & energy. Awesome place to workout ?

Lilian N -

Good gym with plentiful resources and equipment. The women's area is also big after the upgrade as pictured.

Raquel Cipri -

Love this gym, definitely huge variety of equipment. Just a few point outs though - a raise of concern in the women's section. There is no medical assistance. No medical necklaces, buttons or defibrillators. (Or I can't see them?) How is downstairs ment to be reached if alone and in a emergency? Just take that into consideration ? - needs yoga mats upstairs as I don't think it's vacuumed much and the floors a bit yuck - and watch out for paying extras in the membership, it definitely works out more than what you are paying for..

Hassan Zaheer -

Very good all kind of fitness activities, equipment quality & variety is awesome, & yes the most affordable

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21-25 Panamax Rd, Ravenhall VIC 3023, Australia
+61 3 8348 5288

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