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Ryan Russell -

As a professional athlete, I’ve never been to a gym that compares with my NFL training like Pharos. The range of classes, quality of equipment, knowledge of trainers and coaches are all elite level. There's a class for everyone designed to challenge and build everyone, no matter their fitness background or goals. The staff has a wealth of knowledge, but it's the hardworking, motivational, and kind atmosphere of the other members that make Pharos feel more like a second home than a gym.

Bob Russo -

This is an outstanding gym. It has excellent and perfectly maintained equipment. I personally was looking for Concept 2 SkiErgs and Rowing Ergs. Very few gyms have SkiErgs and the gyms with Rowing Ergs are generally poorly maintained. I highly recommend this gym to anyone.

Bret Hansen -

Pharos is a great gym. I've really enjoyed the Build class—I'm doing things I never imagined I'd be able to do and feel motivated by the results. The trainers are all very cool—helpful, motivating, friendly. And the other members are also a fun group. I particularly love that the owners are always present and seem to really care about everyone's experience. Some days at the gym can be pretty social with quite a few nice conversations among the members. I've been a member for almost a year and I'm finding the expense to be worth it. Taking the classes is almost like having a personal trainer—typical class is only about 10 people so you get as much individual attention as you want.

Taylor Aikins -

Wonderful gym and extremely knowledgeable training staff. The equipment is great and the place is always tidy. I mostly workout on my own, and have not taken many classes, but the one's I have taken were great and from what I can see they are always very well thought out and a good size. For anyone who's never been in a crossfit style gym before I think it could be a bit intimidating, but once you get on the floor everyone is all smiles and good vibes, and very very minimal bro vibes, which is saying a lot I think! They also have a class called "launch" which I think is a wonderful resource for people getting started or getting back into it. I have been working with a coach named Noah, to help my technique for oly lifts and gymnastics, he's been great and has a really nice coaching style, so definitely check him out if you need a trainer!

Perry Carlos -

It need to be prove more for who spend time to used Pharos gym now not only cross fit workout place. They need fixed the area's with fans around when u are workout in the classes and plus the equipment put one place so we have more space workout too. The way it is expensive to used this gym make it better spend time to keep us safe and not injury last time old guy fallen down not enough space to used in the class workout so wake up Pharos.

Jonathan Sager -

Love the gym, members and trainers. Good vibes all around, ❤️ the community orientation and ❤️ that the owners are around and seem to really care about the gym, the members and creating a great space. ❤️ the trust factor with the self service drinks where you just write down your name and what you took. This gym represents everything a community oriented business should be. Makes working out fun.

Richard Hagerty (HAGERTY) -

Highly recommend this gym. They have a ton of classes every day and top of the line coaches that don't yell out you. Yes, it's expensive, but you get what you pay for and I love it so far! I recommend the build classes and arms race on Sundays is fun.

Ben Mims -

This gym has a friendly, engaging staff that cares about the progress of customers. Their facilities are clean and professional, and the place has an overall welcoming atmosphere. Added bonus: you get a great workout!

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