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Lucinda Hamilton -

Great gym, filled with awesome people, creating an great environment to be around, Wes always has a great mix of workouts to keep things interesting and make you want to be there

Julieanne Wylie -

It’s hard to describe in words how much Wes, Lexi and Monkey Bar Gym Australia has helped me achieve physical and mental fitness. Wes is by far the best personal trainer in Darwin. This is smart functional training for any level of fitness, great if your injury prone or in recovery and most of all it’s FUN. Can’t recommend this gym enough!!!

Ayrlie Williams -

Monkey Bar Gym Australia is the gym to join in Darwin if you like to keep fit, have fun and keep things in balance. The small group sessions are varied and can be tailored to any fitness level. What’s even more appealing than the exercise is the sense of community, friendship and fun. I can not recommend highly enough!

Mary Kibble -

Love being apart of the monkey bar family. You are always welcomed, Wes has so much knowledge and experience every workout you learn something new. Always professional, family oriented and quality over quantity always, you will never experience this level of training anywhere else (I have done the leg work) it really is next level training. Cannot recommend this place enough.

Lauren Andersson -

Monkey Bar Gym is a community. I often come and go but when I am there I am made to feel welcome. Often times when you start out at a new gym it’s intimidating as you feel you won’t be able to keep up with everyone else, but not here. The members are helpful and encouraging and it’s accepted you can go at your pace, however if you want to push your limits you can thrive here also. As the classes are small there is an emphasis on correct technique and the experience of the class does not become diluted. Wes is an amazing instructors with years behind him and his teaching style is unique- none of this overdone muscle mania just real training for real people. There is honestly no other gym that compares!


Best place to work out in Darwin!!!!!! Monkey Bar Gym is awesome. Wes and Lexi have created the most amazing space. Great people to work out with, Great challenging workouts, family enviroment, so grateful to be part of this Gym. Once you have trained here with these guys, you will never want to train at a boring old gym again!!!

Aruna Liyanage -

Best Gym to go to if you want to develop your strength and health. Wes runs a cohesive group and he believes in sound mental health is key to the long lasting physical health. I have been with him on and off for 12 yrs and I highly recommend this Gym if you want to achieve holistic wellness.

Donna Clemmens -

This is the best gym I have ever been a part of. A very friendly, welcoming space. Wes is an excellent trainer. His sessions are interesting, tough, and balanced. I also love the Yin Yoga, which is a great counterbalance to the strength and conditioning work. Highly recommended.

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