Phoenix Restaurant

1151 College St, Toronto, ON M6H 3K5, Canada


Relaxed, traditional Vietnamese eatery. Classic Vietnamese fare with coffee, juice drinks, beer, wine & shots in a basic storefront.


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I’ve visited this place 4 times this year and times I’ve dined here, the food was consistently delicious. They have the best fried spring rolls for sure. They’re large not like other places where they charge so much for 2 small pieces. The soup is so good - seasoned just right and clear too. They give generous serving for the price. I’ve ordered the grilled pork & chicken and they top it with a fried egg - equally tasty and served with vegetables to balance the plate. Also tried their shrimp mango salad & fried shrimp chips - both are fresh & tasty. They are fast in serving & are accommodating to their customers. The room can be better maintained with increasing the heat during cold months but overall, I highly recommend this place if looking for good food & service. I will definitely be back for the food.

Leia Tomson -

The menu is a bit confusing because of the translations but the staff are quite helpful. The broth was very good. I liked that they bring you a plate of bean sprouts and basil to add if you like. The beef was nice, the chicken was a bit dry but this is to be somewhat expected since it’s chicken breast. Good amount of rice noodles, next time I might ask for less noodles and more bean sprouts. Overall, the best part was the broth and is the reason I will be back! Well balanced and not too salty.

Claudio Lener -

This is some great Vietnamese food, in a really central area and with so much variety. The portions were big with a very fair ratio to their price. Their A6 - fried eggplant and tofu - was one of my favorite dishes. I'd be happy to come again.

Janet (Rose) -

Really delicious home made Vietnamese food with generous portions! Plus they have an entire veggie menu for vegetarians or vegans! friendly service too.

Amanda Belanger -

Love this place ! This is my go to resto for takeout in the neighborhood. It's super quick, portions are big (enough for me to make two meals out of it) and they have so many options on the menu. Owner is very friendly, never seen him take a day off. Today I got the Eggplant beef dish with a side of rice and a roll (the roll is half eaten in the picture ?). I really like their beef lemongrass dish and pad thai as well. When my dad is in town he always makes sure to stop by and grab some crispy rolls.

Nhi Vu -

Over the last 2 months I've ordered 10 times from this restaurant, both on my Uber account and my boyfriend's account. The food taste soooo goood imo and the price is very reasonable too. I ordered hot pot today, little worried that don't know how it come out cuz it is a bit expensive but when I see the food I'm so happy. Never got to dine in here but I'll try it some times too. Overall 11/10

Amanda -

Amazing, flavorful food with generous portions The service was excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Highly recommend this restaurant and the a6 stir fried eggplant and tofu, it was so full of flavor and I'm so glad another review recommended it.

Jacob Wharton-Shukster -

Really, really good pho ha (chicken pho), delicious spring rolls & quite good veggie options. Unlike other pho joints, liquor licence and charming patio. What more do you want?!

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1151 College St, Toronto, ON M6H 3K5, Canada
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