27 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003


Intimate venue for rustic Italian fare. Italian eatery highlighting handmade pasta, traditional meat & fish dishes plus local vegetables.


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Mingchen Li -

I’ve heard this restaurant was closest to the original Italian taste, so me and my wife want there with 5pm reservation. The service were great, after all this is a Michelin One Star. The food was also great, just a bit too salty. Maybe the original Italian food is just this salty, but I really needed a lot of water during the meal. The steak is really good, medium rare is just amazing. The “grandma” ok but not as tasty as expected. In stead, the pasta with lobster is better. The union was too sour, so be cautious when I’m you order. The mozzarella cheese was very good.

Matt K -

I have been a few times and have gotten delivery during the pandemic. It's obvious everything is done with care. The pasta portions are a bit small so we often order extra. I recently tried their steak for the first time. While the ribeye wasn't as tender as others I've had, the seasoning was perfect. I'd order it again.

Nic Garcia -

one of the best meals i’ve ever had! the pastas were absolutely incredible, so delicious and rich; wonderful flavors all around. the service was great and they took such good care of us.

vineet daniels -

Incredible restaurant and definitely worth the hype. The food was incredible and the service was amazing. Our server was awesome and had the best recommendations. I would definitely get the mortadella and the steak. I thought the lobster pasta could have a little more lobster on it but the taste and the cook was great. The meat filling ravioli was a little over cooked but again the taste was great. I would definitely get the tiramisu. Cooked to perfection!! And if your planning to stay up after dinner definitely get the espresso martini. They make it with Mr black and you will definitely stay up. A must go when visiting New York!!

Lisa Koivu -

My friend and I both agreed that Rezdora’s pasta tasting menu was easily one of the best meals we’d ever had! We started with the truffle burrata which was <> perfection. Then our tasting experience began with each course better than the last. The pacing was perfect (about 15 minutes per course) and while the servings weren’t large, they were more generous than I expected. This was truly a special dining experience!

Gabrielle Tran -

My favorite pasta restaurant in NY! All 3 pastas we tried were delicious. Price was very affordable for a michelin, and portion sizes were good too. Probably only needed two pastas, since we got two appetizers.

Ruhi Shah -

This place is PRICEY but it’s some of the best pasta I’ve ever had. You should expect to order more than one thing because portions are very small. The raviolo is incredible and the cocktails are delicious. I went here for my birthday and the staff was so kind.

Priscilla Vuong -

Very pricey for what it is. We did the tasting menu with wine pairing and ordered an extra entree but we’re still hungry. Pasta was good, but there’s a lot of good pasta in nyc for a fraction of the price. Waitress was friendly, sommelier seemed bored and like she was reciting a script.

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