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Studio for HIIT & cycling classes. Fitness studio offering HIIT classes & cycling classes on customized bikes with tracking technology.


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Candace Chatman -

It took me a while to come to Sanctuary Fitness. I never looked high intensity interval training and I was afraid it would cause middle school physical education torture flashbacks. Nope. None of those things happened. Sanctuary fitness makes HIIT workout fun. It’s a nice atmosphere with good music and bodies off every size. The instructor are welcoming and provide modifications to exercises if you need it. And they’re actively going around to make sure everyone has good form and is safe! The music is good. The space is super clean. The front desk staff is sweet and welcoming. They know who I am! They greet me by name. It’s quite nice. I signed up for a member after my second class. I especially like the schedule. There are a ton of classes which I appreciate and has been hard to find in DTLA. The parking is on the street and every easy and the meter is only a dollar- two additional hard to find things on DTLA. I am glad I took a chance on Sanctuary Fitness.

Joseph Baca -

Sanctuary is an awesome atmosphere to workout in and the staff/patrons are all super friendly and helpful. At no point did I ever feel lost/confused, and every exercise can be modified to suit your own physical limitation needs. The workouts themselves are really great, never repetitive and always get my heart rate up. Would highly recommend, especially since you can get your first class for free

Conrad Moore -

What a fun place! I come here once a week to get some conditioning layered on top of my usual weightlifting. The classes are energetic, dynamic and always a good time. The instructors are motivating and helpful in correcting movements without being overbearing. Can't wait to go back!

Michelle Lee -

Sanctuary is my favorite workout, and it's not even close. There's enough variability so you don't get bored, and time goes by quickly! I've gotten a LOT stronger and more toned, and actually look forward to working out here (and dread most other workouts that aren't Sanctuary :D). The instructors keep you motivated, and I love that you rotate between stations.

Veronica Loria -

I am currently on Day 5 of the 7 Day free trial and I am definitely signing up to become a member. I already feel stronger (and sexier)! Throughout the session, the instructors walk around and correct form/ push you to perform and be your best self. I really enjoy the sanctuary moment at the end of class where we lay down and stretch/ meditate. It allows me to bring intension to my day.

Caporal Monica -

I really enjoy doing the HITT Fusion classes at Santuary Fitness. All of the instructors there are all great and motivating. The workouts are different and challenging each time. It's great that they have different modifications for all workouts for those with different fitness experience. It's a very clean and organized gym which is very important to me.

Susan Chu -

Love going to Sanctuary Fitness! I appreciate how thoughtful they are with their workouts -- each class has been really different, and each day of the week focuses on different muscle groups (e.g., upper body, lower body, cardio, etc.). The variation helps me stay motivated, and no matter what format the class is it's always an awesome workout. Staff are really nice + welcoming and it's all around a great place to work out at. Check it out!

Alvaro Vieyra -

All classes start on time and everyone has great energy! So far all 5 classes I gone to have been great! I was intimidated at first with all the moving from station to station but it is easy to catch on and the instructors are there to help you figure it out! Thanks Sanctuary DTLA!!

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