Wilfit Sports Club

3470 Wilshire Blvd 100, Los Angeles, CA 90010


Well-equipped open plan fitness center. Large fitness club on 2 levels with cardio & weight training equipment, 2 studios & classes.



Austin Santiago -

The Wilfit Sports Club is the best gym I have been to in San Francisco. They offer a wide range of fitness classes that are superb, something for everyone, at all levels. If your goal is to get in shape and stay in shape, this can definitely be achieved at the Wilfit Sports Club . While there are many wonderful fitness instructors (I have been a member for several months), Troy and Tara seem to take a very special interest in helping their students achieve their fitness goals.

Songtao -

Same reason like other customers: they closed the gym without notice. I walked to the gym and then I saw they closed. The weird thing is that the personal trainer Kevin has a one-to-one class with me on that day. But Kevin didn’t reply me anymore from Aug 12. I have strong feeling that the gym is lying about the maintaining. If it is just a normal maintaining, why my personal trainer is disappeared? Hope everyone gets his/her money back.

Edward Park -

There's a roided up manager that needs to lay off the gear or be fired. He creates an unsafe environment for the customers due to his aggression and lack of emotional stability (assuming from steroids). That type of juice monkey behavior shouldn't be coming from workers. This gym has potential, but is ran by poor management. Half the machines are broken and/or clogged next to one another. How do you offer group Muy Thai and Boxing classes if there is 1 heavy bag in the entire gym? To top it off, the one heavy bag can only be used for private personal training! What are people learning from these classes?? Read the other negative reviews on yelp to learn about the shady things this gym has done in the past, I'm not surprised after my recent experience with the juice monkey. Lastly, although subjective, stop BLASTING wack techno music.

Kyle Savannah -

They have scammed everyone for money under the guise of “maintenance closures” that have lasted more than two weeks. Of course you’d only know it was closed if you showed up and saw the sign- they’ve seemingly never heard of email or social media to notify anyone of anything. An embarrassment of an establishment.

YongHyun Lee -

This is 4th time. No notifications at all. Gym must be open today 25th but they will close till 29th agian!!! So super unprofessional!! Not even 1 star. I want to give 0 star.

Steven Zou -

great gym has nice clean facilities and not super packed, just a lil pricy ($70 a month)


Nice gym! Always clean, never crowded, free towel and lots of classes.

David P -

In this ktown area, there seems to only be two gym options; here and the 24 a few blocks west. I've been enjoying Wilfit for the past couple months. They have decent equipment (above average). 4 rogue deadlift platforms, 3 squat racks+1 squat stand, sets of rogue bumper plates, 3-4 Rogue Ohio bars, 1 Rogue deadlift bar, and a couple weightlifting bars, a bunch of techongym machines, 2 cable crossover machines, 3-4 cable lat pulldown, 2 cable row, and more. They have concept2 rowers but dont seem to allow anyone to use them for some reason. They also offer pilates and personal training. Everyone, staff and members, have all been kind and considerate to each other from what I've seen. I've talked to a bunch of random people here and they've all been friendly. Although there will always be people who misuse equipment (ex. curling in the squat rack) or lack gym etiquette (allowing others to work in, returning weights) most members here use the equipment respectfully. While the Rogue ohio bars are nice, I wish they had some ohio power bars as well. Some of the other bars there are usable but others are really bad with worn knurling (smooth). They also have 2 different brands of plates. Just a minor inconvenience but I really prefer the plates to be identical lol. Some of the floor mats need to be replaced. They're severely worn down and the uneven flooring could potentially be dangerous. If they replaced the 3 old squat racks with platforms you see at other gyms and replaced some of their really old stuff, I think this gym would really become top tier.

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