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Paolo Tarray -

UK’s 1Rebel now in Melbourne. The studio is more akin to a nightclub so you don’t really feel like you’re working out (that’s what makes it so fun!) Three concepts to choose from — Rumble, Reformer and Reshape, so there is something for everyone. Rumble is what got me in the door but I love all three! Variety of coaches on the timetable which all bring energy and enthusiasm to get you pumped. Prosecco served after classes on Friday evenings if you’re into that too! Amenities are clean and modern, and towels and toiletries available.

Shelley Williams -

1R is the best gym I have been to in a while. The facilities are next level and the workouts are insane. I keep thinking they will get easier but they never do, which is what has driven me to keep going and keep getting better. Highly recommend this gym to anyone who wants the flexibility of having 3 different class styles everyday. The music is always on point and the staff are awesome.

Michelle DeKlerk -

Love this gym. Great offering in terms of classes and times of sessions. The classes have some great instructors that really know their stuff and can help you modify a session based on what you need. Exercising in the dark is also a bonus and they always play great music.

Seisia Lee -

Absolutely adore this gym. One of the best in Melbourne. The classes, gym, staff and trainers are fantastic!! This gym is incredible with awesome playlists too! Recommend many friends and will continue to do so!!!

Natasha Kerr -

1R South Yarra is the absolute best. I have no words to describe it other than I don’t think I will ever find a gym that matches or comes close to what 1R is. Not only are the classes incredible, but the trainers are the kind of trainers that you can genuinely tell they want you to excel for the good of your strength and feels, rather than your looks. 11/10 to 1R over and over, I will recommend it forever!!

Jacqui Montesa -

Such an amazing concept. Its such a great place, super clean facilities, and you have choices that suit your need. Its so good, I’m here almost every day! But most of all, has an amazing bunch people who help me achieve my fitness journey!

Rachel Moss -

I Love 1R! I’ve been an elite sportsperson, crossfitter, runner, etc but 1R just hits that perfect spot of being super hard but also super fun! This boutique gym is full of positive vibes, friendly staff and classes that will leave you sweating and feeling like you made the most of every second of your precious time! Do yourself a favour and book yourself in for a class at 1R

Angel a -

THIS GYM IS NOT BEGINNER FRIENDLY. Do not, I repeat do not go to this gym if you are a beginner and new to the fitness scene. This gym is catered for intermediate individuals who are already working on their set fitness goals. I did a reshape class, the trainer was lovely and energetic. He was supportive and kind during the session. However, I am not fond of these exercises and especially with weights, it is very dangerous. The intensity and along with incorrect form while having the pressure to complete the exercise. After I trained, I felt incredibly sore in the wrong places and my shoulders and back have never felt so painful. It has become hard for me to stand up straight, sit down properly and even just relax because of the pain I am in. I would not recommend this gym for anyone who is not well trained about proper form and needs to build their endurance first. It would have been a better experience if I was stronger and knew what I was doing. The people at the front were also quite stand off ish, making me nervous to even order a drink. Showers were dirty. I would still love to try their Pilates and rumble class, however I will not be able to return due to my current injury from the last session.

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