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Chris Bass -

Facilities are in a sad state of disrepair. Many machines are not working, equipment is dirty, staff will only help clients if they are "personal trainer" potential. More effort seems to be going to signing up new members than to keeping a standard of cleanliness and service. There are too many managers who don't interact with the clients and make the gym experience better for those of us who want to get a good workout for our fees. Honestly, if there were a better alternative in west LA, I wouldn't stay at Equinox.

eve man -

Wonderful desk .check in and no problem. Got service at spa,amazing experience, wow ?. Don't understand why they would have any bad feelings for this place. Beautiful and the employees are very kind and nice. I don't understand why I have seen bad reviews of yhis club?

Berke Ozerman -

September 1st Thursday, noise pollution continues!! Ignorant Equinox staff do not care about the community.. 6:00 am "noise pollution" from Sepulveda Equinox Club (1835 S. Sepulveda Blvd., LA CA 90025) woke my daughter and I up.. Thursday 6:00 am rooftop class creates so much noise pollution very early in the morning!!! You don't have right to do this noise this early!! -- Last weekend, Saturday August 20th, the "noise pollution" started at 7:00am.. I emailed earlier today, hopefully there will be a respond and a solution.. -- Thank you for the respond.. -- There is a disturbing “rooftop” class every Thursday starts at 6:00am. They wake everyone up in the neighborhood.. I’ve been calling for 3 weeks in a row with no solution. it’s ridiculous. They are just bunch of ignorant people who don’t care.. don’t recommend this place.. They’re ignorant inside out!!

Nad S -

This place used to be called sports Club LA, it got bought out by Equinox recently. Let me tell you what a horrific place this club has turned into so that you do NOT waste your money. First of all I am talking about sports club in LA on Sepulveda in west LA not in century city. We are NOT allowed to try the century city one unless we up grade to a $235 a month fee. second of all when sports club got bought over by equinox, they closed down the locker rooms with only few showers, OK we put up with it, then they closed a private small work out room where you could hide and not have to mix with the plastic surgery LA freaks and the horny old men! Now that room will be converted into an office I was told, OK so less place to work out. Then the showers are filthy, hair and soap scum every where, disgusting! The floors are dark and nasty and burn your feet unless you have shoes on. The pool is nasty, its yellow with particles floating around every where, I am NOT sure what is there but its dirty and has NOT been cleaned for ever! The membership fees has been increased from $170 to $190, not sure what Equinox members pay but the la sports club members got an increase on their fees while the services got cut in half by closing the showers, and construction all over the club OK Listen Equinox business office: HOW ARE YOU GOING TO RAISE FEES, IF YOU ARE NOW DELIVERING 50% OF YOUR SERVICE AND SPORTS CLUB LA AKA EQUINOX WEST LA IS NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION????? The staff is VERY rude now, the old timers have stopped coming, the mature, older and business minded people, Millionaires, actors and celebs are all GONE replaced by 20 YEAR OLD TEENY BUMPERS EVERY WHERE! The feel of this place is like a 24 hours fitness which is riding the coat tail of the old sports club LA! Gone are the days of the clean gym with lots of equipment, now your in a place that is like 24 hour fitness yet charges $190 a month....!! WHY ARE YOU CHARGING SO MUCH FOR A FILTHY, DIRTY AND UNDER CONSTRUCTION GYM??? Stay away from this place and save your money, this place SUCKS and its dirty. There should only be a call to OSHA and the Health Dept cause soon some one will catch something!!!1 The equipment are not being cleaned, its dripping with people's sweat, yes perfect gym don't you think? worth that $190 or the executive BS rate! I spoke with the manager/assistant manger and they said so go else where and that's what I am going to do! SAVE YOUR MONEY, THIS DIRTY LOW CLASS 24 HOUR FITNESS LOOK ALIKE IS NOT WORTH $190 A MONTH Go else where and save your money!

Spencer Sohmer -

As one of the most expensive gym options, this location and Equinox more broadly leave much to be desired; - Extremely busy. As COVID restrictions have started to lift in the region, the after work crowds have grown substantially. Because of this, many of the other amenities that are sold to new joiners are almost unusable. Expect to wait at every machine/bench/rack in the weight room. You will have to adjust your workout in order to leave within 1.5 hours. The basketball court is consistently occupied by pickup games that cover the entire gym; no room for shoot around, if you want to play it will take a couple games. Sauna is always full. - Poor class programming. Limited classes that often occur during the middle of the work day. No options for evening classes. In my experience, the classes themselves are disorganized and non-motivating. As an example, during one class I attended, the instructor showed up late, recognized me from a previous session, and asked me to setup the equipment on their behalf, while facilitating the warmup for other class members. With the emphasis on the new Equinox+ platform, focus on programming, and the restrictions involved in booking classes, the product needs to be better. The programming is especially limited for HIIT and weight training focused classes. - Pay for parking. Every time you drive to the gym, you will need to pay for street parking ($/hour up to 2 hours) or valet ($3 flat up to 3 hours). There is no parking reimbursement. Other (significantly cheaper) gyms in the West LA area offer parking reimbursement. - There are no food or beverage options in the gym. However, there is a very large, completely desolate, kitchen space in the entryway of the gym. Equinox stopped paying their outside vendor at the beginning of COVID and have made no effort to replace that service or find an alternative for gym goers. - The gym contract is extremely restrictive. If you are moving within the 1st year of your contract, you cannot terminate the contract unless your new location is outside 25 miles from the nearest Equinox location (for reference, this range covers the entire greater LA metropolitan area and, probably, most metro areas in the USA). Furthermore, the price you agreed upon in the contract is not fixed. If you move to a higher price region, not only must you transfer your membership but your dues will also increase accordingly. If you wish to cancel for medical reasons, you must have a doctor’s note proving you’re unfit for the gym for at least 6 months. Be aware, the salesmen are instructed to underplay the restrictions here when you are signing up.

A -

been to equinox clubs in the whole country, but this is a very strange equinox. weird energy from greeting to advisor. being misled by an advisor/saleperson named chris multiple times. just a weird vibe and not really a good experience in general

Courtney Gabinetti -

Great gym, best in the area IMO for diversity of equipment and facilities. Upstairs (rooftop) turf and bars w/ 40yd dash and outdoor equipment, multi lane pool, basketball court, squash courts, all the studios you could ask for, jacuzzis, steam room, sauna. Can’t think of anything else I’d need any many more machines than most other gyms. Yes you pay for what you get- but if you can afford it and you’re serious about fitness & want a range beyond just basic weights and presses, it is worth the price. Also very clean in my experience with friendly staff.

Ali Webster -

Horrible management, they steal from you and make you beg for a refund. They have no idea what they are doing, they've owed me over $1100 for a while now, and they keep having new reasons why it's delayed. Honestly this is the Anna Delvey of gyms. Cheronka Townsend is an unprofessional, classless person, who, when she told me my refund would be delayed by another two weeks, started laughing. Absolute dumpster of a human being.

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