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Timothy Obis -

I’ve been coming here for years. It’s very clean, the staff is friendly, they have most equipment I need, and an indoor pool and sauna which I love. That being said, it’s cramped, it’s small, there’s not enough room for as many people go there at peak hours. Another thing that I don’t like is since covid they changed the hours so that it closes at 8 pm, it’s closed for 3 hours in the middle of the day and it’s closed weekends. There is no reason to keep the hours like this from what I see! Overall I like the gym, but please change back the hours

Jason Haddad -

This review is NOT specific to the gym, but rather to the food-volunteer site. As far as I am concerned, this place is OK at best. Some of the vegetables, especially the squash come really old and smushy. I'm not a fan of how they dictate the lines for the incoming people in need, and I especially don't like how they're told to just "check" their food "at home"; what if they want to know how good the quality is?

Robin Epstein -

So I have mixed feelings about this YMCA. So I enjoyed swimming in the pool. Sadly the ladies locker room is absolutely disgusting. I have not seen anyone clean anything in the 7 months I swam there. I finally had enough and spoke to the management of the facility and was told the ladies room would be cleaned up. Unfortunately I have seen no progress on this. They say pictures tell 1000 words....dirty place and dirty patrons!! Please clean up

Luvenia Cone -

Great place to join lots of exercise equipment, nice pools they have 3 versions for different levels of swimming. Clean rooms and showers with a very nice staff as well.

Kory Slater -

After being a member at the Glendale YMCA for about six months now, I wanted to leave a positive review to offset my bad one. This facility might be smaller than the Glendale YMCA, but it is well kept/clean, with amazing, friendly staff! The COVID protocols were actually followed here (I ended my membership summer 2021 because I moved, so can’t speak to the current status). My favorite thing was them moving older equipment outdoors to the second floor of the parking garage as well as the basketball court on the roof of the garage. Pool/sauna/hot tub area was always clean and well maintained with extremely friendly lifeguards that always had smiles on their faces. A great family environment as well! I very much miss this place!

chopstick Y -

Looking for a place to go with your child other than kids cafe, Mcdonalds or dirty playground? Anderson Munger YMCA has kids classes. Theres one free on mondays and wednesdays at 11. Kids can tumble, run, and have a blast wit Javone. He is great and so friendly. He will blow bubbles during session putting more excitement to their fun. They also have child care services where they will watch your child while you work out. I give it 4 stars because due to its location, the classes are overcrowded, people are not regulated and depending on the time, it's hard to get the machine you need to work out. People who work at the front are not very friendly but the membership fee is very affordable.

Nurgul M -

Nice place for sporting activities. We have a family membership and it worths.

Carlos Ardon -

Because of COVID 19, they are closed to the public but provides food for hundreds of people every day, flushots, COVID 19 test and many other community resources.

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