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GG God -

The mission of this place has a great concept behind it. I'll give them that. However, the stench that is left in our mouth is one of a white guilt entree with a savior complex for the desert. A golden suggestion to you from someone who is indigenous, if I may.. Perhaps you could offer free classes for anyone who is of color hard stop. Period. End of story. No rebuttal. Aren't you white saviors supposed to just shut up and listen right now away? Why do you all keep talking? Silencing our voices will only cause you harm. ---Free classes free memberships. Free everything for the families destroyed by your infiltration of our land. (or if that is too extreme for you do a donation of 5-10 bucks. I know your net worth is 1.7 million so im sure you can spare some coin for us people of color, isn't that your whole thing anyway? all inclusivity? We want some of your all inclusive millionaire wealth. ----- Where are the children here by the way? Can't you offer some sort of free daycare at the gym for our hard working guardians out here that were forcefully pushed aside from your own selfish white savior complex? The guardians who commute hours a day only to come home to be triggered by this establishment built from white tears. Please make this a non profit and give reparations for us. We are the people that have had our lives stolen from us before we were even a thought in the universe. Don't let our ancestors bring down plagues upon you. When you disrupt the peaceful sleep, you will never find happiness.

Isabella Reyes -

Staff is lovely. Prices are really reasonable for a little gym like this. It's never extremely crowded. Only downside is that the equipment is a bit limited and shabby. If that doesn't bother you then it's a good, simple gym.

Guadalupe Jenkins -

Great gym for fitness and work outs. This is my favourite gym. when I visit here. I feel so fit.

Veronica -

Just had my first visit here! I was nervous to work out in public again for the first time in a few years. I’d been turned off by big box gyms that felt very judgmental and unfriendly, but I immediately felt welcome at EVERYBODY. It’s very clean with a good selection of equipment to boot!

T Sripun -

I'm incredibly grateful to have found this gym offering amazing virtual classes with friendly and informative instructors and a terrific indoor and outdoor setup. I hadn't worked out since surgery 2 and a half years ago and I struggled to jump back into working out. Being quarantined gave me the chance to look at exciting new opportunities to join virtual workout classes when it was inaccessible to me before. I LOVE every single instructor and every class (Yoga, tai chi, barre, strength, Zumba, etc.). I have enjoyed being able to get to know the instructors and following the Instagram these past few months because EVERYBODY brings me lots of joy! Even though I'm located in San Francisco and joined during the pandemic, I've been able to visit in person when I've visited Los Angeles and their gym setup is incredible! I rented the space for myself and seriously wished I lived in LA just got this space!!

Antony Cross -

I am the kind of person who wants to be more fit and healthy. So, the gym was the best place for me to get fit. I went to this gym for the first time since I just transferred to this place. I was fascinated by the place because it was very wide and has all the equipment. The cost of their service was pocket friendly.

Bobbi’s World -

Omg love the workers and the gym. So fun you can rent out the gym and use the sauna. Definitely so many perks of having a membership. I don’t even go any more but I continue to pay for my membership because I want to support the company. I just love what they have done and they were my holy grail during COVID so yeah love you EVERYBODY

Michele Sleighel -

I had no sense of a welcoming environment, the place feels like it is actively gentrifying the area (yes I know they have lower costs than some spots, that's a common retort by gentrifiers). Stopped going because the parking brought into the neighborhood by this place was an issue for nearby businesses, even with a city park across the street where the gym tells guests to park. Also, the very nearby bakeries smell so strong you can't workout here anyway. Too much to reconcile with a place supposedly based on 'community'--can't do that and gentrify at the same time.

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