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Jeff Z -

Modern equipment; there are 3 racks and an indoor swimming pool. 4-7 will be very busy with the yuppie crowd just getting off work on the Westside so I would try to avoid it. The showers and lockers are super nice and very clean for anyone want to cleanup after a workout. It’s definitely worth it if you can afford the membership fees.

Josh Separzadeh -

Been holding onto a lot of this info for a while, but tired of keeping to myself. Went to this gym for a while, and because of the pandemic I was unlikely going to continue working out at any gym. I went in and asked to have my gym membership paused, they said they would have to charge me $30/ month just to pause it. This was at the beggining of the pandemic, so instead of arguing I assumed life would be back to normal soon enough so I agreed. A couple of days later, i see on the news that all gyms will have to be shut down due to the pandemic, shortly after I get an email from this Equinox asking for me to put in writing that it is okay to for them to freeze my account and charge $30. I responded with "what are you talking about, all gyms are closed, why would I be charged if you are closed anyway? That makes no sense." they responded with "okay, thank you". I found it funny that they were trying to get money from people that wouldn't fight back so ignored it. Then later during the pandemic I get emails saying "Your chance to UPGRADE to our outdoor gym for the low price of $X". Upgrade from what? All indoor gyms are closed due to the pandemic, now they want more money to be able to join your gym. Whatever, nbd, just thought was a little cash grabby. Anyway, now when the pandemic was allowed to let people work out indoors, but you would have to wear a mask, and there will be no showers, steam room, classes, towels, etc... So basically all the reasons I pay a premium for Equinox are gone and there is no fluctuation in their price to help their customer base. It's basically a regular gym you are paying $200+ a month for. I told them I wouldn't feel comfortable at a gym until the pandemic goes down, they said they can freeze my account for $30/month, i said no, I'd rather just cancel. They said, "fine, we will waive the freeze fee for 3 months" I said okay. Once three months was up, without any notice, they just pulled $200 from my account. I know I should have remembered or write it down, but things got busy, when I called them they said they would not be able to issue a refund, but I can freeze my account for $30/month I said no, cancel, I am not going to a gym until pandemic is over. They said again, "Okay we will waive the freeze fee for another month" I kept calling them every month to tell them I wanted out and they just kept waiving the freeze fee. This month I missed my calendar alert to tell them I wanted to cancel again, and they took $200 out of my account again. I called to get a refund and to cancel and they said they couldn't issue a refund and said I can use as credit if I want to sign up again. This company was recently evaluated at 9 billion dollars and it wouldn't give me a $200 refund. At Equinox the customer is never right. +++Update the "courtesy" message from equinox below is just a bot and did absolutely nothing to solve my problem, I emailed them like they requested and they never contacted me. Happy I moved on.

P D -

TLDR: You are better off throwing away $225+ a month (the cost of membership to this gym) than giving it to this specific location. Potentially one of the worst gyms in the area. The club is horribly mismanaged by Michael Izzo. Covid brought unique challenges to this gym, and Michael failed to competently address each one. The gym hours seem to shorten every few months; they now close at 8 P.M. What this creates is a zoo of individuals at the gym from 4pm-8pm. You can barely access equipment during these times. The club hours were shortened due to 'covid,' but the shortened hours create a major covid hazard as it is significantly more crowded at night than it was before the hours were shortened. Even worse, the Equinox personal trainers use their free membership to workout during these hours, taking up equipment that paying members would otherwise use. The club used to offer plastic bags to put dirty clothes in, until they decided to remove the dispenser from the walls (citing 'environmental' reasons, even though every equinox in the area still offers plastic bags). The club is also terribly dirty. If you enjoy having dirty hands after working out, this is the gym for you. The smallest amount of sweat combined with touching the gym equipment will leave a disgusting layer of brown muck on your hands. The maintenance team is likely understaffed and does a sub-par job at keeping the facilities clean. Broken amenities (scales, sinks, clogged showers, etc.) take too long to fix. As icing on the cake, the club validates parking for two hours and nine minutes. If you are one minute late, the horrible parking manager, Rigoberto Meija will force you to pay $3.10 for every 12 minutes your car is in their garage.

Lucy Y -

Great location. It's clean, efficient, and usually not crowded except at peak times. Nice pool. The staff are generally friendly and helpful.

Salekh Parkhati -

You wait so long for equipments, it’s a pretty low capacity gym , if your time matters to you , you should find something else. The management doesn’t care about your complaints. I’m searching for a great exclusive gym to switch to

Ryan Mandell -

Was a loyal customer prepandemic, spent thousands on membership and personal training throughout 2020. Equinox went into lockdown and froze everyone’s accounts. When they opened back up in March 2021, I assumed that would mean they would reopen my account when I came back, you know when I check in, when I feel comfortable going to a gym during a pandemic. I didn’t see the email about them reopening bc I put my gym messages in my non-business email account. Then one day I’m checking my bank account and I see I have a bunch of charges, not only would they not refund me for the months I didn’t use to retain me as a member, but now I have a collection agency calling me and messing up my credit score because I had my debit card stolen so Equinox was only able to charge me for 1 month $380!! They thought 1 email was enough to make sure their members knew they were opening back up. So I have a huge multimillion mega-corporation messing up my credit score. The general manager Eric Garcia was no help, I told him I would come back to the gym but I needed him to get the collection agency off my back and he said “ sounds like a personal problem.” Real nice guy!

Moris Rabiean -

Trainer canceled our session and they would not refund me after half a dozen emails. Don't get a trainer there. It's overpriced and they will cancel on you and won't refund you.

Gina L -

Clean and nice one near UCLA. Plus, it has swimming pool

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