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Esli Morales -

The hotpot is delicious. The location offers Gluten-free options, ask. They also offer separators so hotpot soups do not mix or food contents. The price can very depending on what and how much you order. If you are alone, staff provides the mascot as a dining companion. They provide an apron so you don't your clothes dirty. And they sing happy birthday.

Chathuri Wicky -

Amazing hot pot. Make sure to try the classic one. It’s spicy. I mean really spicy. But the flavors were absolutely amazing. Nice and clean set up. Nice staff. Make sure to get instructions on how to make noodles, meat and other food. Make sure to try their fresh fruit juice. ?

Sean -

They have cat robots that meow and roll around to deliver things. Their bathroom has a hand dryer built into the sink, and mouthwash. The soup is good. Not too pricey; the fancy ordering app on the iPad they use helps to keep track of how much you're going to pay. They give aprons. The ice cream is free. Pretty fancy, pretty cool

emme coco -

so delicious and high quality. our waiter Renee was wonderful! she was very attentive and helpful. ingredients were fresh and the dipping sauce bar was awesome. we come here often ?

Hiep Le -

Have you ever had problems deciding where to go eat? Haidilao Hot Pot might solve that problem. It's popular though, so you will need reservations about 1-2 days in advance. At first, the menu might seem daunting because there are a lot of options, but the staff is wonderful and can explain it to you. We had Ruby as our server and she was fantastic. First, you choose your soup bases (4), then you can choose your proteins, veggies, and carbs. There are also appetizer and pre-cooked options. If you like sauces, they have a sauce bar for $2.99. I recommend that for things that take longer to cook (veggies, meatballs, etc) - just throw it into the soup bases and fish them out later. It's a lot of fun. Because everything is a la carte, it can be pretty pricey, however, the food and service are all top notch.

Crystal Brandt -

Really good food. One of the best Chinese hotpot in San Diego. The quality of meats and veggies were really good. The sauce station was always clean and I liked how they had recipes if you don't know how to make your sauces. Our waitress was super nice. I love that they supply you with apron and hair ties.

teadrinkerxyz -

If you have not been to this place for hot pot, should check it out at least once. It won’t be cheap but you are paying more than just the food. Located on level 2 of the UTC mall. Parking is free for the first 2 hours, then $2/hr thereafter. Seating and table arrangements are spacious. The restaurant is brightly lit. Once we sat down, our waiter, Raymond, handed us wipes for the eyeglasses and hair ties for the long hair people, so that steam from the hotpot won’t ruin our dining experience. Cute cat robot delivers dishes to tables. Free ice cream to wash out the spicy taste at the end of the meal. We chose 4 different soup base to try: Beef Tallow(?️9/10), Tom Yum (?️3/10), spicy pork bone (?️3/10), miso (?️0/10). My favorites are the ?️ level 3/10. We end up fixing miso and beef tallow when drinking the soup. Price for each soup base ranges from $8.99 to $3.99. Disappointed that they didn’t have the pork stomach chicken soup! After decided on the soup base, one can proceed to choose meat, vegetables, and noodles dishes. These are a la cart style. It really adds up ?. The sauce and dessert station is $2.99 per person. We end up about $40/person. If someone dines alone in the restaurant, they will offer a big doll to sit across you for company. If you are not comfortable to do so, you can request the waiter to remove. It is really just your comfort level. It may look silly to some people. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.

Courtney Rose -

This was my first hotpot experience and I was so happy with everything! The staff were super nice and attentive. The food selection was fantastic and everything tasted great. I wanted to sip on the pork broth for forever! The sauce bar was great as well, it has the BEST seaweed salad I've ever had!

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