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Carlos F Vilchez -

Basketball courts are cool, just really low so expect to hit the ceiling making you miss your shot unless you adjust. Mens locker room smells because they use Carpets on the benches. That needs to be addressed ASAP.

Rodolfo Higuera -

Probably my favorite LA Fitness gym in the area (go to multiple in south and west LA) because of the huge amount of machines and exercise equipment available. It’s easy to be in and out when you have a lot of options which I appreciate. The only issue is the people here are probably the worst offenders of not re-racking their weights. I often find weights from free-weight section on the floor or even across the gym not being used, leaving the weight racks looking very empty. Not necessarily the gym’s fault just an FYI

Joshua O. -

WAY too hot inside for any workout. They need to stop being cheap and turn up the AC and get air circulating, esp with covid and the fact that exercise gets you hot. The locker rooms feel and look dirty. Do not recommend.

Daniel Eppard -

One of the dirtier LA Fitness locations. All of the showers there are kind of janky too, they're more like a water hose on full blast (you'd think with a drought that gyms wouldn't have mini fire hydrants for showers). The locker room is disgusting, and smells like an old boxing gym in the Bronx. Super crowded, hard to get weights. The pool and hot tub isn't too bad though.

Rob Lauta -

Large gym with a good amount of options. Not a great review because the people who go to the gym take weights and never put them back in their place. You can look and find them all the way across the gym ruining your pump your trying to keep up

Alamelu Annamalai -

Lots and lots of hidden fees. Just because a credit card is with them you will be surprised about the detection in your card. They won't say many things while they sign up. I have lost almost $900 just because they didn't let me know about the plan while I signed up . I will never ever suggest this place to my friends and family.

kenny carneal -

There's plenty of free parking and plenty of machines. However there's still only 3 squat racks and 3 benches. Be prepared to wait. The dumbbells are also only about 50-70% available. The rest are either somewhere else in the gym or missing. Also as many other reviews mentioned, it is extremely hot and humid in here.

Noboru Martinez -

It’s confusing how to access the gym, I had to go to target to ask them. They have a lot of machines but also a lot of people go there, I struggled to find dumbbells and accessories for the machines, I don’t think I’m coming back to this location. I was working out at Sunday 8-9:30 am

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