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Ankit C -

Love the studio and workouts. Staff is very friendly and supportive. All the coaches have their unique way of training love all of them. Also they validate parking 90 mins which is really great for busy area like downtown

Thanigai Tiruchengodu -

I went to Orange theory fitness , DTLA, couple of years back. Excellent gym for group trainings. Most of the trainers are excellent and quite motivating, especially Trent , who was quite exceptional in getting the best out of the people. Not sure, if he still works here.

Nicolas Carrera -

Disclosure: I've known the owner of this location for many years. She was my favorite coach back when she was a working at another franchise before opening her own. She helped me gain confidence and actually enjoy the experience of a HIIT class. However, this review is on my own accord and radically honest. I travel throughout SoCal for work and visit many locations. OTF-DTLA is still the best location - my home studio is a very close second. DTLA wins IMO because they still provide shower towels and the garage has free EV charging. I read a few negative reviews with absurd claims of "cracked floors" and safety issues. False claims really bother me because I work as independent contractor and understand what that's like. So ... I'd like to respond to those claims. All OTF locations have the same flooring because all franchises follow the corporate design guidelines. The flooring is a modular system, which I assume is sourced from one supplier, at least for the west coast. Also, there's nothing wrong with the equipment. The only improvement would adding the tablets to the rowing machines, but very few locations have that feature, so it's not that big of a deal. Back to safety. I say this in an endearing manner; the owner of OTF-DTLA is a stickler for safety. It's one of the reasons she was my favorite coach. She assertively and politely corrected members, especially when their behavior on the treadmills endangered others. "Don't jump the rails! Thank you!". Lastly, I recently visited OTF-DTLA and attended coach Caitlin's class. She's great! I loved her style of coaching and her music selection. I'm hoping to find time to attend her classes more often.

Jessica Rae -

Orangetheory is the only gym I’ve been able to stay committed to, because I always feel welcomed and always leave knowing I accomplished something important for my life. This gym has made my health a priority.

Aalekh Sharan -

Update: I signed up a new potential customer who wanted to try out orange theory for a class at 6:30. We arrived at 6:12 and the studio manager said there was not enough time to onboard - however my friend had already filled out the liability waivers online. Did not understand why since there were 3 people at the desk, just chilling. Barry’s for example doesn’t have any of this non sense - you bring a friend - they go right in. Really bad customer experience here - your studio manager is literally throwing away potential customers when classes are not fully booked. Studio floors are cracked and generally equipment is not well maintained. In addition the studio manager (Crystal) is less than friendly and took vicarious pleasure in not letting me in because in her clock, I was 5 seconds over time (I was a minute within time according to my clock which is synced every day). In addition, basic bathroom supplies are not available such as workout bags etc. Definitely does not justify a ‘select studio’ rating.

Tori Benard -

Suzy was an amazing coach. She provided a great workout, and I earned the most splat points EVER! The location was gorgeous and very clean.

Nick __ -

We rented the guest suite from Helena. What a nice apartment. Clean, spacious and comfortable. Helena is so nice, efficient and helpful! Great experience!

Denice Nichols -

Before the workout there's a thorough explanation of what to expect. The "why" behind the "how" is very important and most people don't get that, even in basic education towards all learning. The utilization of the equipment isn't just demonstrated, you're watched trying it to make sure you grasped what was shown and explained. And the best part is it's curated and even though there are more people in room doing the workout, you feel like you have a personal trainer who's situationally aware of you. I loved it, and the next day, every muscle used let me know how important consistent workouts, other than walking are. I highly recommend Orange Theory. At least check it out in assessing what's best for you as an individual.

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