Barbell Brigade Gym

646 Gibbons St, Los Angeles, CA 90031


Spacious gym focused on weightlifting. Big workout facility with equipment & machines for weightlifting, power lifting & other training.


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Cesar Guerrero -

I’m in the area for my birthday (originally from Florida) and wanted to get in a good workout. Mike was awesome and gave me a tour of the facility and made sure I knew what was what. Had a great workout and everyone was super cool. Next time I’m in town I’m 100% coming back.

Jimmy -

Versatile gym for all levels. I will always hit Barbell Brigade when I visit LA! A morning workout sets the mood for the day. Get the $50 pass

Briana Villarreal -

A well equipped gym that remains clean. Everyone was very friendly which made it easy to feel comfortable, they also provided a tour, offered assistance or to rotate music should it help with your lift. I look forward to being back in the LA area again as this gym is a MUST. Couldn't resist the nice apparel they have up front as well. I have nothing but good things to say and encourage all to check it out.

Marvin Dohi -

Great and amazing atmosphere! A lot of patrons are photo ready but they also have the barbaric people like me who don't mind getting their clothes dirty. The machines are well kept and the outside section is one of my favorites. Also you don't have to wait for a squat rack because there are so many there!! By far one of my favorite gyms

Barbara B Bruhn -

Awesome gym. Instructors are attentive, accommodating, and uplifting. Gym is clean and well equipped. Everyone is friendly and super motivating with no egos and no pressure. Great for beginners and more advanced athletes alike.

Crisol WMS -

Can we just please update/replace the broken equipment!!!! Last week another bench went "out of service", two benches are also broken that won't allow them to be repositioned, one is missing the little lever head to adjust the position. The yoga mats!! The rower has been broken since we joined almost 3 months ago. The air bike, went MIA last week as well so now it's just the treadmill that works and even that one is asking for maintenance.

Seppo R -

Good atmosphere. Fun place too train, both for the very serious lifter and beginners. The members and staff are friendly and supportive.

Steve Seong Hoon Cho -

Loved the initial bb. Left the gym when it became a youtuber wannabe fest who don’t care for others exercising and their privacy

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646 Gibbons St, Los Angeles, CA 90031
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