Easton Gym Co

8053 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048


Enduring gym with an airy, vintage feel. Small neighborhood gym open since 1938, featuring machines & classes in a retro, brick-lined space.


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Rob Yu -

When I flew into LA on the way to Hawaii I was looking for a gym I could drop into that would have easy access to barbells and other strength & conditioning equipment. Photos of this space don’t show a lot so I figure I’ll note that they have a wide variety of machines, and a handful of barbells and associated racks. They also have a surprising amount of machines like stair masters and two free running treadmills (as well as the standard cardio machines). I did not see nor look for rowers or ski ergs, though if my training session needed them I’d focus on the CrossFit or similar facilities. For those interested, they have a handful of kettlebells with the single heaviest being an ~80. Of the various gyms close to where I was staying south of Hollywood, Easton looked to be the easiest to access, probably because it’s a standard gym rather than a more specialized fitness facility (like CrossFit, HIIT, or the variety of personal training spaces nearby). They are on the 2nd floor under the metal sign. A drop-in day pass cost $25. They currently seem to prioritize mask-wearing which is nice. Note that if you plan to change or shower or carry around more than just a small bag you’ll probably want to carry a lock too.

Brad Christopher -

Absolutely love this gym. It has everything I’m looking for. The trainers are all really great and I love the staff. It has a neighborhood vibe to it. The owner of the gym cares about his members and their business. The gyms around my area can feel pretentious to me, but not Easton. At Easton you’re more than just a number. Easton is family!

Kali Mutty -

Quite literally the best kept secret in LA. Reasonably priced, somehow never too busy, ample parking, wonderful staff, all of the equipment you really need, and rooftop space with a gorgeous view. Since day one I've felt comfortable and accepted, without any feelings of judgment or pretentiousness that I've noticed at most other gyms in LA. Easton is a really special place!

Vincent Iafelice -

Wonderful gym environment. Very clean. Has all the typical equipment you would expect. Staff are amazing.

Andrew Dippe -

Everytime I walk in everyone is super polite and goes above and beyond to help out! I want to give a shoutout to Joe! Highly recommend this gym. I feel right at home.

brody Kayman -

I absolutely love this gym. The atmosphere is incredible and the staff are so friendly and willing to help. I absolutely love working out here because it almost feels like home with how it looks and feels. Highly Recommend.

Hashim Khan -

Great experience, Amazing team and the facility is quiet enough to enjoy your gym Time.

C -

Pros: Great staff, high class clientele, has everything you need, free parking, good location. Cons: Really old equipment, no AC, somewhat pricey, few amenities.

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