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Darshana Perera -

I would love the place and easy to workout. Full of new machines and no rush at all. Friendly staff with hygienic conditions throughout. Proud to be a part of the Planet Member and I would recommend anyone to join with the team.

Meghan E. Mulholland -

I hope that the owner/manager has the opportunity to read this review because it is well deserved for a employee at Planet Fitness. Whether that is a handshake, pat on the back or better yet a raise and some type of reward, the gentleman at the front desk, OLIVER is a stellar team member of this gym. I work for a class action lawsuit company and on the side when I don’t want to pull my hair out, I do personal training @ Equinox. His calm demeanor is the type that Equinox loves having at their front desk. I am A type personality and difficult at times. The first time I met Oliver, I gave him a hard time about my membership… he was poised, calm, consistent. He is thoughtful, asks good questions, follows through when I want to use the total body red light therapy, displays a positive attitude. Some of the other staff members, I don’t care for, they have an attitude, but I want to put in a good word for Oliver because the front desk is the first thing people notice when they come to the gym. When he is at the front desk, I know that I am in good hands. He’s trustworthy. Job well done ?

Jace Dawson -

I want to rate this location higher because the customer service is great. However it takes a while to fix machines not that they break often. And we need more multiple machines because the wait time is becoming longer. It sounds like a lot but this location is pretty good definitely one of the better locations. It's very clean, not noisy and overall has a nice amount of equipment.

Robert Harrison -

The gym and location is pretty good if you live in the city. If you are one to use the public transit then this gym will definitely fulfill your needs with convenience. However as of late they have had a shortage of hook clips which disables most of the gym goers from using a good amount of machines with clip hook attachments. I’ve opted to purchase my own hook clips for my personal use at the gym however if you are paying for a gym membership (and black card at that) you would expect for simple equipment pieces to be available. The staff has said people are stealing them however even with the new equipment check out system it still doesn’t solve the issue of a lack of clips for the machines and gym goers. If you are looking to have the full option to use as many machines as possible without having to purchase items to use the machine themselves you may want to look for other gyms in the area or another location Planet Fitness because you’ll definitely feel limited otherwise.

Diego Hernandez (Slimmcx) -

The gym is clean, i guess. Apart from having to tolerate teens fooling around everywhere during the summer promotion, you also share restroom and showers with homeless people that practically live in the lockers, if this wasn’t the closest gym to my place I would not be here unfortunately.

Starr Love -

It really depends on which one planet fitness you go to and the people that work there the one off eToro have mostly good people with one bad guy there. He isn't nice at all. The place is pretty clean so happy about that. I do like the hydro massage and the locker room is nice.

Ally S -

A lot of the staff have a tendency to stare as you leave. A quick goodbye is fine. But the long stare afterward until you exit the building is strange and creepy. It makes me SUPER uncomfortable. They're also very slow to fix broken machines. The staff are aware of the broken machines, but "out of order" signs will sit on machines for several weeks sometimes. This makes wait times unbearably long.

George Ing -

Went for a trial pass. On the positive side, lots of good equipment / friendly staff. On the negative side, people were just sat not using equipment. The free weights and benches were all in use for the whole session. Additionally several pieces were either out of order or severely damaged. You can’t expect a lot given the price, but would I recommend working out here based upon my experiences? Probably not.

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