The Gym LA

11567 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025


Gym with fitness equipment & classes. Members-only gym offering fitness equipment & free weights, plus classes & personal training.


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Tiffany Kariuki -

I have been coming to this gym for the last few months now. I wanted to write a review once I had gotten a chance to fully see how my experience would be after awhile. And so far it has been really amazing! I moved from out of state and wanted to find a gym in which I felt comfortable enough to start my fitness journey to good health. This gym is a little gem! I love how clean it is, how kind everyone is from the staff and even the members. It has a very boutique feel to it which makes me feel very comfortable working out there, but it has everything you absolutely need for fitness success. I also decided to hire a personal trainer by the name of Max and he’s been such a golden nugget to what I’m trying to achieve with my health and fitness goals. I would highly recommend him if you’re to put in the work , need great support and motivation, but also want to challenge yourself and be successful at it. Also it’s always a treat to have a stretch session at the end of my workout sessions with Max. It really helps me feel great in my body without all the pain and aches that can come from getting your body back into shape. Come check this gym out and I’m sure you will be just as pleased as I have been. Good luck to everyone on their fitness journey!

James Santa -

My gym since 2018. I love going to this spot. Always clean and smells nice unlike your low cost gyms. They have towel service and showers. An attendant always walks around to clean and RE RACK equipment because people be lazy. Glad they survived shutdown.

Mark Sanchez -

Once you join you won't go back to any other gym! I could live here for a week and be a happy camper. Restaurant, library, gym, store, cool people, spacious, nice showers, sauna, pool, and a nice place to relax. You can't go wrong by joining, and there are so many activities that you will fill your calendar up in no time.

James Alvarez -

My favorite gym. I’ve been to gyms all over the states. I’ve been a member at Equinox. NYSC. LA Fitness. The Gym LA is my favorite. The owners are there every day, and they truly care about the gym. It has the right type and amount of equipment. Good open functional space. And a great atmosphere and good clientele. Overall just a great place to be a member.

A Google User -

Awesome place for fitness and work outs. nice trainer. good atmosphere.

Ryan Sickler -

The Gym LA is a great neighborhood gym! It's really clean and they go above and beyond in every aspect during these difficult times. Especially the manager Jen. I see Jen at the place day and night. Always friendly, personable and willing to help. I would recommend this club to anyone looking for a good club with good equipment! Ask for Jen!

David Kierys -

I don’t usually review anything but the gym LA was extremely accommodating & a fantastic no nonsense choice in a place w/ so many fitness options. I visited in-laws for a week & now miss their facilities back home along w/ the great people working there like Bailey & Fabio (thank you for finding my wedding band!). Great atmosphere, perfect amount of machines & the “powerlifting” area let me hit some nice PRs on some olympic lifts. Thank you so much!

Scott Kim -

I think it’s good place to exercise. I just did work-out in Sunday. And it was clean and not crowded and especially I love that special room. It’s not so big or fancy, but just perfect for local people and also for visitor. It’s $20 for one day and they provide towel and shower room.

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