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Bradley Miller -

I've been training at Lockeroom for just over a month and I'd give it 10 stars if I could. The team that run it, the kit in the gym, the personalised programs, the tech side (the booking and training apps) and the flexibility around sessions all come together to make something incredible. But the thing that makes Lockeroom really stand out are the personal trainers, who are genuinely amazing coaches and people. They're always on hand at the gym to guide and motivate you, and each of them has an incredible depth of knowledge and experience. Added to the training, there is a nutrition guru and health screening options so you know where you're starting from and what you need to work on outside of the gym as well. Last but definitely not least is the community feel to the gym, just genuinely nice people. We all know that investing time in your health is a clever thing to do, it's just hard to do sometimes. The Lockeroom team make it easy to fit training in and really help you get the most out of each session.

Mark Di Noia -

I’ve found Lockeroom the perfect gym for the busy executive or business owner. The facilities are top class, personal training is tailored and engaging, and the members are awesome. Ultimately, it’s about ‘getting it done’ in the gym with minimum fuss and maximum results, and the complete Lockeroom experience delivers just that.

Tim Donovan -

Having trained at an elite level when young and always been conscious of my overall fitness, I had high expectations coming into Lockeroom. After 2 months I can firmly say this is the best gym I have ever trained at. All the coaches are spot on, know their stuff and are always on hand to advise and motivate whilst in the gym and are always available to chat to throughout the day. The additional benefits of nutrition/ health screening and tracking add the extra element to get you to the peak level you want. I would highly recommend the investment in yourself and get down to Lockeroom!


The Lockeroom Gym team truly understand how to get you where you want to go. I’ve always struggled to lose weight but the personal trainers at Lockeroom assessed every aspect of my daily habits and created a plan with me that’s getting the results I didn’t think were possible. I feel more productive at work and the support and guidance that Lockeroom’s personal trainers have given me this past year has elevated my energy levels. All aspects of my day to day life are better.

Don Johnson -

I've been attending Lockeroom a few months now and the results are impressive. I'm feeling stronger and more flexible and have dropped a few kilos in the process. Whilst I've tried to keep myself fit over the years, I haven't been attending a gym. Lockeroom's approach really works for me - a focus on technique before increasing weights so you can challenge yourself with confidence, every session is a personal training session of no more than 2 people so you get that individual focus as well as a training partner, it's a really well set up gym, and it's fun. I'm using muscles you never get to activate without professional help. Highly recommend these guys

Cam Van Damme -

I dropped in with a friend who is an existing member for their group boxing. It was a very welcoming and clean gym with knowledgeable coaches who are patient and always keen to help. I did not feel the 'intimidating vibe' that I usually get when I go to new gyms. The coaches clearly enjoy working at Lockeroom and it was reflected in the well organised and planned session. The training was a lot more fun than I expected and it didn't feel like a 'grind'. I'll definitely be going back for their group boxing training.

Alex Talia -

Lockeroom has been fantastic for me. I come here regularly, participate in personal training, boxing and nutrition. They have an incredible team and the facility is state of the art! Highly recommend to all business owners and leaders in the city

michelle huang -

I have had PTs from many different gyms and Lockeroom has provided an experience that exceeds all of them combined. Every coach/trainer is extremely qualified, has extensive knowledge and always has some banter to give. Their program includes corporate sessions, health workshops, nutrition coaching, health tracking, business networking events and of course, world class training. Thanks for a great experience.

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